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9 Inspiring Wardrobe Design Ideas


Choosing a wardrobe that can fit well into your bedroom can be easy if you follow our tips on picking a cupboard that’s at home in your space

It’s almost always in need of organising, almost always full to overflowing—and almost always the first thing we think about re-arranging when we’re spring cleaning. While you can never have too many clothes (or shoes or accessories), you’re always wondering where and how to store those dresses and shoes that you simply must buy. Which is why the all-important wardrobe acquires great significance. After the bed (or perhaps for the fashion-conscious shopaholic, even before the bed), your wardrobe is integral to the bedroom. A good wardrobe needs to be both practically planned and well-organised. And, as always, while considering wardrobe design ideas, be sure to match it well with your other bedroom furniture designs. From ergonomics, materials to the inner space, these tips should help you find that perfect wardrobe designs for bedroom.

Wardrobe Design for Bedroom - Asian Paints
Minimalist in design, this built-in wardrobe is the epitome of organisation goals.
Wardrobe Bedroom Interior Design - Asian Paints
Recognising your fashion needs and number of clothes and accessories is key to understanding what style of wardrobe suits you best.


To determine how much space you need, calculate how many belongings you have. This will help you ascertain how much space you need for shelving, hanging and storing (accessories). Once you have a fair idea about the quantity and you’re clear about the space you will need to plan and organise, get started on finding a wardrobe that offsets your bedroom interior design.


The next factor you need to consider before determining the size is the availability of space in your bedroom. When you know how much bedroom furniture you will be adding and where you plan to place everything, you will be able to assess the size of your wardrobe. A wardrobe should not only fit comfortably into the room décor, it should match with your dressing table and side tables and other bedroom furniture, and work well with your bedroom wall paint. The size of the wardrobe also depends on the number of users and utility.

Ideal Wardrobe for Bedroom - Asian Paints
Space, Setting and Size- the ideal wardrobe is the one in harmony with the overall theme of your bedroom.
Customizable Wardrobe Designs - Asian Paints
Customizable to your clothing needs, this built-in wardrobe is chic and utilitarian!


Are you a built-in kind of person or free-standing works better for you? Find out which wardrobe will best serve your needs before making a choice. While a free-standing one may be useful if you relocate in the future, a built-in wooden wardrobe offers more freedom in terms of colour, material and shape. If you opt for a built-in wooden wardrobe, you can explore various bedroom colour combinations and pick one that complements the overall aesthetic of your room.


It’s where you house your fashionable clothes, so it’s only right that your wardrobe makes a style statement. For that to happen, think over the right kind of material and finish you want. The choice is wide—from low-maintenance veneer to versatile laminate or scratch-resistant PVC foil. If it matches with the rest of your bedroom furniture design, solid wood is the most elegant wardrobe material. What’s more, with a wooden wardrobe, you can even add a mirror to the surface, to reflect light and make the bedroom look bigger.

Wood Wardrobe Design - Asian Paints
The raw finish of a solid wood wardrobe to bring in understated sophistication.
Sliding Wardrobe Design - Asian Paints
Space-effective and illusionary, this mirror sliding door takes wardrobe planning to another level.


This is an easy question to answer, as it depends on the size of your bedroom and the availability of floor space. Though common, hinged doors take up a lot of space. Folding or sliding doors are space-effective and best suited in a smaller room. You can always opt for an open wardrobe to save space but that would call for you to channelise your inner Marie Kondo and be vigilant about neatness and cleanness.


The secret to an organised closet lies in arranging the clothes well. First, design the section where you plan to hang the long stuff (dresses, salwar kurtas, trousers), followed by the shelves and drawers. An average hanging space for women should be around 18–24 Inches. It is always a good idea to leave a bit of a gap between the hanging clothes and the adjoining shelves where you will store extra items. While making space for the shelves and the drawers, remember to accommodate similar types or lengths of clothes next to each other.

Wardrobe Design for Bedroom - Asian Paints
When compartmentalization is the motto, filtering through the clutter becomes more convenient than ever.

Keep a designated space for folded knitwear and sweaters. If you are going to share the closet with a significant other, then remember divide to keep the peace. Demarcating his and hers zones is the key to no arguments.

Convenient Wardrobe Designs - Asian Paints
A convenient wardrobe is a wardrobe that is smart and practical.


After looks comes convenience. It is important to take care of the ergonomics while designing a wardrobe. Easy accessibility to the hangers and the shelves is a top priority. Place the rods, shelves and racks in a way that you can get to the contents with ease. You can tuck away the seasonal clothes at a height and out of sight during the off-season, but by no means do that to your daily wear.  Make sure you don’t make the shelves too deep, as they would need you to constantly move things to access the stuff that’s kept behind.


When it comes to efficiently storing accessories, customisation is the key. Depending on the number and type, plan nooks and hooks for scarves, belts, bags and ties. Shoes and coats can be hung or stacked. If space permits, a custom drawer with tilted racks works best for shoes. Keep them in the bottom half of the cupboard for easy accessibility

Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas - Asian Paints
When it comes to storing accessories, accessibility and customization is key.
Space Saving Design Ideas - Asian Paints
Seasonal clothing is best stored in space-saving wicker baskets that add a little nostalgia to the now.


If there is not enough space in your wardrobe for your seasonal clothing, you can always use a secondary storage space in the bedroom, like a double bed that has cavernous space within its proportions. You can also use wicker baskets or bags to keep seasonal clothing organised and away when not needed.

Though it can be quite a task to find the right balance of functionality and style, it is necessary for the perfect house interior design —even when it comes to wardrobes. Besides, you owe it to that dress you have your eye on to find a stylish and comfortable space for it!


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