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How to make your home 100% leakage-free

There is no place like home. Our home is our safest haven. It is where we live, breathe, and nurture to the fullest - along with our loved ones. And certainly, no one would ever want their home to appear dull, flaky, or scrapped due to any reason, including water damage. Water damage is one of the rising concerns for most modern homeowners in India. That’s because a very basic home improvement activity like waterproofing is often neglected.

Ignoring waterproofing needs not only affects the housing structure externally but also takes away from its internal aesthetics. Hence, waterproofing solutions should be prioritized to eliminate or curb water seepage related issues, and homeowners should proactively undertake damp proofing & waterproofing activities before things get out of control.

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Generally, water seepage takes place when water is accumulated on any surface on a constant basis. This usually happens when there are cracks and gaps, as they are the most basic reasons for water to seep through. Below are some of the leading active sources of water leaks:-

Active water leaks:

  • - Loosely sealed valleys
  • - Blockage and clogging along the gutters
  • - Improper drainage system
  • - Excessive moisture due to rainwater
  • - Broken, faulty pipelines
  • - Leakage from water tanks, toilet/ bathroom supply lines
  • - Walls adjacent to water-prone areas (bathrooms, kitchens)

Inactive water leaks:

Apart from the above active water leakages, most homeowners also face challenges through some hidden sources of water damage. A few of the most common inactive sources of water leakages include:

  • - Cracks that form in the building due to heavy stress and inherit vibrations in the  structure
  • - Gaps created between two different materials such as doors & windows and the walls
  • - Water prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchen

  • Both These sources of water leakage often require professional intervention, so they don’t cause permanent damage to the building structure.


Brick-bat-coba, bituminous treatment, mud phuska, chemical waterproofing are the most common methods of conventional waterproofing. Although they are easily available and usually within budget, these conventional solutions are not as effective in the long run.

Asian Paints provides a comprehensive range of products to help you fight water seepage and keep your homes safe from its ill effects. SmartCare range of waterproofing products from Asian Paints play a very crucial role in safeguarding the aesthetics and strength of your homes, protecting them for a long time. 


Asian Paints’ SmartCare range of waterproofing products includes Solutions for all spaces, waterproofing problems ranging from Fresh construction to post Painting stage.

SmartCare range of Products like Damp Proof, Damp Proof Ultra for Terraces, Damp Sheath Exterior for exterior walls, Damp Block 2K, Damp Sheath interior for interiors have a proven method of making your homes 100% leakage-free by providing assured solutions against all kinds of water damage and creating a waterproofing envelope around your house. 

SmartCare range of waterproof paints & waterproofing solutions - Asian Paints

Most importantly, SmartCare waterproofing solutions are more reliable and effective as all these products come with company backed waterproofing warranty.They promise to provide your home with robust coverage so that your building stands tall during heavy monsoons and water seepage due to water tank leaks, faulty pipelines, etc.

Here's how you can create a waterproof envelope around your home by using the wide range of Asian Paints’ SmartCare products.

Creating a Waterproofing envelope around your home primarily requires waterproofing of 3 spaces:

  1. Roof/Terraces
  2. Exterior Walls
  3. Interior Walls


Roofs are one of the most important parts of a building structure. It protects the house from harsh weather conditions. 45-50% of the total waterproofing issues in homes are caused on terraces which leads to leakage inside as well. Damp Proof or Damp-Proof Ultra waterproofs your roofs and keep your roof leakage free.

  • - Damp Proof provides 8 years waterproofing warranty and helps reduce surface temperature up to 10-degree Celsius
  • - Damp Proof Ultra provides 10 Years waterproofing warranty and offers up to 12-degree Celsius surface temperature reduction


Your exteriors face the brute forces of nature head one more than any other part of your homes. Damp Sheath Exterior is a waterproofing basecoat for exterior emulsions and can provide the best waterproofing solution for your home exteriors. It comes with 3 Years company backed waterproofing warranty


Depending on the intensity and type of water leakage, Damp Block 2K or Damp Sheath Interior combined with waterproofing putty, Akrylmax and Crack Seal can help secure your interiors against all types of water damage. 

Damp Sheath interior offers 1 Year waterproofing warranty on dampness and when used in combination with Smartcare Waterproof putty provides 2 years waterproofing warranty on Dampness

Damp Block 2k provides unmatched performance against heavy dampness and efflorescence and comes with 3 Years warranty.



360-degree waterproofing envelope

Easy-to-use and more effective in the long run

Warranty of up to 10* years

Help reduce surface temperature by up to 12-degree Celsius

Smart Solutions with Superior Technology



Waterproof your roof, exteriors, and interiors with Asian Paints waterproofing solutions. All you have to do is get in touch with our experts through a call on 80504 80594 or visit to schedule a quick appointment for full quotation of your home to make it 100% leakage-free. 



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