Simplifying the Process of Waterproofing Your House - Through a Step-by-Step Guide!


Waterproof Paints

Simplifying the Process of Waterproofing Your House - Through a Step-by-Step Guide!


Water seepage and dampness in your house can lead to a variety of problems such as insect infestation, mold formation, and in the worst scenario, major structural damage. But do you know what is the root cause of these problems? Lack of proper waterproofing measures is the key trigger that leads to puffiness of walls, cracks in ceilings, peeling of the paint, and so much more!

Often people consider investing in water proofing solutions immaterial. They believe that protecting the exteriors of their house with waterproof paints is enough for their home to survive the test of time! Although waterproof paints are a great solution, it comes with an expiry! Over the course of time, and with exposure to changing weather conditions the waterproofing shield tends to lose its ability to hold together. And this is where all the problems begin! It leads to water seeping through the walls and causing dampness on the inner side, leading to efflorescence, and even paint peeling.

But all this mess can be avoided, by simply investing in smart waterproofing solutions! And here is a simplified step-by-step guide on how to waterproof your home. So, let’s get

But First, why is it Important to Waterproof a Home?

Before we dive into the crux of this article, which is the step-by-step guide, let us understand the importance of waterproofing your home! We have therefore listed 5 major benefits of waterproofing below - 


  • 1) A damp area is the breeding ground for molds, fundus, and mildew. These pose a serious threat to human health and cause problems like respiratory infections, and asthma. But waterproofing can give your home complete protection from these problems.

  • 2) Waterproofing can protect your home from any insect infestation, that can cause damage, by eating the woodwork inside your home.

  • 3) Waterproofing ensures the structural longevity of your home.

  • 4) Waterproofing helps to increase the property value of your house. After all, a well-maintained house is always worth more than a house that has not been taken care of!

Step-By-Step Guide to Waterproofing your Home with Smart Solutions by Asian Paints!

A waterproof home is one that is protected from water from all sides and angles - right from the basement to the terrace and the roof! And we have simplified the process of waterproofing your whole house through these steps! Let’s have a brief look at each of them below -

SmartCare Vitalia Neo for Waterproofing during Construction - Asian Paints

 Step 1 - Waterproofing at the Time of Construction

The best time to do waterproofing is at the time of construction of your home. Waterproofing new construction involves using high-quality liquid waterproofing compound that contains cement, and sand. This compound can be applied for all brickworks, pillars, foundations, roof slabs, basements, and for plastering. When the compound is mixed in the right proportions, it prevents segregation and makes a strong cohesive bond. Thus, waterproofing new construction is the first and most important step to ensure your home is water protected both from inside and outside!

Pro tip - The best way to ensure foundation waterproofing is to use a high-quality liquid compound that can improve the workability of freshly mixed cement concrete while resisting crack formation, by imparting higher compressive strength! And Asian Paints experts recommend SmartCare Vitalia Neo as your ideal choice for foundation waterproofing!

SmartCare Damp Proof for Your Roof Waterproofing Needs - Asian Paints

Step 2 - Waterproofing for Roof/Terrace

Your home’s roof/terrace needs special attention because even a minor crack can worsen with time, and lead to water seepage, and dampness inside. In fact, most of the time leakages happen from the roof areas, simply because they weren't waterproofed at the time of the construction. Waterproofing of roof or terrace requires you to first prepare the area by thoroughly cleaning through the cracks.

Pro tip - Waterproof your home’s terrace/roof with SmartCare Damp Proof, a glass fiber-reinforced elastomeric liquid. Its elastomeric properties offer unmatched crack bridging, and form a thick, durable membrane offering ultimate waterproofing!


SmartCare Crack Seal for Waterproofing Broken Drywall - Asian Paints

Step 3 - Waterproofing Broken Drywall

If you are wondering how to waterproof drywall, this step is going to help you answer that! 

Water often seeps through the old and broken plastering, which leads to dampness, and moisture buildup. This needs immediate attention because it can lead to major structural damage. Hence sealing these broken plaster cracks is of utmost importance, as this will increase the longevity of your home, and protect your ceiling from further damage.

Pro Tip - To fill in the cracks on your terrace or roof, use high-quality, and ready-to-use crack-fill paste such as SmartCare CrackSeal by Asian Paints which ensures incomparable crack bridging ability, and its water-resistant films stop water ingress through cracks! This product is sure to be the best answer to how to waterproof drywall!

Hydroloc for Waterproofing Walls Prior to Painting - Asian Paints

Step 4 - Wall Waterproofing Before Repainting it

Before you use waterproof paint for walls, it is important you ensure that your walls are water-resistant! The damp patches on walls and ceilings are majorly the entry point of water seepage. This water penetration can ultimately lead to paint peels, on the interior walls. Thus, as the first step, it is important to waterproof your walls before repainting them! But remember that you must first apply waterproof wall putty, to give your wall a seamless finish before repainting. Moreover, ensure that you use waterproof paint for walls which must be weather-resistant to ensure ultimate protection.

Pro tip- Need an ideal solution for wall waterproofing of your home? Asian Paints SmartCare Hydroloc offers an assured solution to the wall waterproofing issues such as dampness and efflorescence.

Asian Paints - Making Waterproofing Your Home Easy and Affordable!

Whether you are building the house of your dreams from scratch, or just simply renovating it, these 4 steps coupled with Asian Paints SmartCare solutions, remain your evergreen guide to waterproofing your home! So get ready to amp up the aesthetic and property value of your house, with Asian Paints' best-in-class waterproofing solutions.

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