Bathroom Waterproofing: Area That Needs Extra Protection


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Bathroom Waterproofing: Area that needs extra protection

The bathroom might remain as one of those personal spaces that are hidden away from the outside world. They must, however, be the perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and hygiene. That last factor is critical for many reasons. 

Health and hygiene are not just about the cleanliness of your bathroom, it also entails factors like ventilation, insulation, waterproofing, and much more. A clean and well-constructed bathroom is the basis of a good home. These spaces are constantly exposed to water, yet we are not fully aware of the ongoing damage it can cause to the home.  

The bathroom is also the wettest area in the entire house and poor or no waterproofing can result in a domino effect of problems. Waterproofing processes help reduce leaks and damage to the bathroom floor, tiles, adjoining walls and the floor below. Excess water that seeps into the floor can ruin the tiles and the foundations.

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Issues like dampness in your home, and water seepage can spoil its beauty. Water damage, faded colors, and flakey wall paint can reduce the lifespan of your home and make the space unliveable.

Another significant impact of leaks and cracks is mold formation. The collection of water and the constant exposure to moisture is the leading cause of these mold formations. Mold is a fungus that grows in damp conditions and can later cause many skin and vision disorders.

One does not modify rooms and fitting of a home often, which means all these details need attention to detail during construction. 

If waterproofing is not done, what problems can take place?

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Here are some realities you might need to face when it comes to lousy waterproofing:

Firstly, the leakage can also enter into another room below. This will not just ruin the structure of the roof and cause bacteria and mold formation; they are very dangerous living conditions. Similarly, a leakage in the adjoining walls of the bathroom can also damage the wallpaper, the paint, and the decor in the room. Additionally, it’s a massive reason for embarrassment.  

Furthermore, more people depend on tiles in the bathroom. Poor waterproofing during bathroom construction will result in a lot of hassles to repair later. This could result in pulling down all the tiles and starting from the ground up, which makes your need for renovations an all the more expensive affair. This is also the reason why bathroom waterproofing during the construction stage is critical.  

How to avoid these issues? 

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Waterproofing is not a repair, but a preventive measure that must occur right at the construction stage. The aim is to waterproof the bathroom sunken areas, incorrect slopes, and leaks at facets and fitting. 


Waterproofing of bathroom sunken areas occurs below the tiles to ensure there is no water seepage to the floor below. Another important aspect in bathroom waterproofing is to protect water seepage through tile gaps, these are the narrow gaps between tiles that make the floor susceptible to leaks. These leaks are fixable by adding tile grouts and reinforcing the tile work. 

Apart from the gap on the floor and tiles, there is also a need to cover any cracks, pores, or imperfections near the bathroom fixtures.  

These waterproofing paints, membranes, and filling are a combination of chemicals and water-resistant materials. These waterproofing solutions when obtained from a reliable source, last for many years and provide ultimate protection.

Why Asian Paints products the best when it comes to bathroom waterproofing?

When looking for flawless bathroom waterproofing, the best products in the market are from Asian Paints. They are backed by both consumers and contractors for their high-quality products and adorable prices.

The best product for waterproofing is the Bathroom WP Membrane by Asian Paints. This is a triple-layer, elastic sealing film. When placed below the tiles, they create a film (or membrane) for protection. The company also assures a 10 Year Warranty on the product for a longer-lasting effect.

Another product is Ultra Block 2K that provides incredible waterproofing on bathroom sunken slab and comes with 5 years waterproofing warranty.

Another important product for bathroom waterproofing is Epoxy Tile Grout by Asian Paints. This helps to waterproof tile-gaps and ensure eliminate the seepage of water. 


Waterproofing is more critical than given credit. It can derail your whole bathroom project if not done inaccurately. They are simple and improve the lifespan of your whole house when done right. When it comes to waterproofing remedies, Asian Paints has a reliable and trustworthy collection. Get on their website and browse their endless collection at best-in-class prices.  


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