A Beginner’s Guide to Help you Navigate Your Way Through Home Waterproofing!


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A Beginner’s Guide to Help you Navigate Your Way Through Home Waterproofing!

There is nothing more comforting than having a good, safe, and secure space that you can come back to after a tiring day at work. And home is that ultimate place, which is the melting pot of love, comfort, hopes, and dreams. Although your home shields you from all sorts of storms, it too needs a protector to be able to stand through the test of time. This is when home water proofing solutions come in as the ultimate savior! 

Water seepage is observed as a common occurrence in houses, which can potentially lead to major structural and cosmetic damages. But with home waterproofing, you can protect the interiors and exterior of your home, and increase its structural longevity. 

However, the idea of getting your home waterproof may seem to be daunting, especially if you do not have the basic guidance! Hence we have curated this beginner’s guide that talks about how to do waterproofing, where to get the best waterproofing services, and much more. So keep reading further!

Basics of Home Waterproofing  

If you are still wondering how to do waterproofing in your house, keep in mind the following points to ensure that your house is healthy and toasty, all year round -


  • Mere Painting is Not Enough  

As a homeowner, opting for washable paint for interior as well as exterior walls seems like a blessing. But it is surely not enough! Washable paint help to safeguard the cosmetic appearance of your house by keeping stains at bay. But to ensure structural integrity, you must protect your house from dampness. The root cause of dampness, and water leaks occur due to plumbing leaks, downpipe issues, and lack of maintenance. So the best way to avoid dampness is by considering waterproof paints. Moreover, opt for the waterproof primer to ensure that the wall is fully sealed and ready to receive the coating.

  • Fix the Cracks  

If you are wondering how to waterproof a wall, it first starts with identifying and fixing the cracks in the walls. Cracks on the walls are definitely aesthetically unappealing, but they also are warning signs of a serious structural problem in your house. While some cracks occur naturally due to the age of the building, the horizontal cracks indicate potential trouble. Such cracks are indicators of poor plastering. If you do not tend to these cracks immediately, they can lead to dampness which can jeopardize your home’s structural integrity.


Pro Tip -  If you are wondering how to do waterproofing on walls, SmartCare Damp Proof by Asian Paints is an advanced, and ultimate answer! It helps to prevent cracks on exterior walls, and wet areas like roofs, and terraces with its elastomeric properties, which provide highly durable, and unmatched crack bridging 

  • Seal the Leaks  


Terraces and walls are important parts of the infrastructure. Hence it is not only crucial to construct them efficiently but also to maintain them well. However, water leaks are silent killers that cause massive damage to the roof, and weaken the overall integrity of the infrastructure. And some of the key triggers of water leaks are the improper slope on the terrace and cracks in walls. Thus, it is important to seal these leaks immediately, as dampness can eventually destruct the structure at its root.


Pro-tip - The most effective way of safeguarding the terrace, and roof from leaks is to use SmartCare Damp Sheath Exterior by Asian Paints. It is one of the best-in-class waterproofing products for exterior surfaces like terraces, roofs, and parapets 

  • Get Rid of Interior Dampness  

Dampness on walls can ruin the aesthetic beauty of your home. And even worse it can lead to major structural damages. Despite using the most expensive paints, interior dampness may still continue to exist. The main reasons for interior dampness are leakage from improper slopes, gaps between tiles, etc. Thus, only effective waterproofing products can be the ultimate solution to help you get rid of interior dampness.

Pro tip - Use SmartCare Hydroloc by Asian Paints, which offers an assured solution against interior dampness and comes along with 3 years of warranty.  Alternatively, you can choose SmartCare Damp Block 2K by Asian Paints, which is a food-grade certified water proofing coat for interior walls, and bathrooms to prevent dampness, and efflorescence.


Home Waterproofing - Do’s and Dont’s  

The following is the list of do’s and dont’s to keep in mind while waterproofing your home - 


  • Do thorough research:

You can use different waterproofing products to prevent dampness. But it is best to do thorough research to determine the most effective solution. For instance, research what is waterproof material, which waterproofing materials work best for your needs, and so on.  


  • Do keep the gutter clean: 

If the gutter is bogged down with dirt, it would divert the water to the drains, which can lead to cracks. So make sure that the gutters are kept clean. 


  • Do identify the source of leakage:

Identify the source of leakage and fix it immediately before it leads to major problems. 


  • Do use professional waterproofing products:

It is important to use professional waterproofing products which are made with the best waterproofing chemical to safeguard the longevity and structural integrity of your house. 


  • Don’t Keep Stagnant Water: 

Stagnant water is a breeding space for molds. So ensure that you do not keep any stagnant water at home. 


  • Don’t Use DIY Sealants: 

Commercial waterproofing solutions are the ultimate way to protect your house. So avoid using any DIY sealants, and opt for professional guidance to safeguard the foundation of your house.

Asian Paints - A Reliable Partner for Waterproofing Your Home  

Looking for reliable, and expert waterproofing solutions? We have heard you!

At Asian Paints, our experts help to identify and solve the problem through our range of  SmartCare Waterproofing solutions. We use the best waterproofing chemical which makes our products effective, and highly reliable. By placing your valuable trust in us, we are here to deliver perfect waterproofing solutions to your doorstep!


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