Common Problems that Affect Roofs and Terraces


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Roof waterproofing

Common Problems that Affect Roofs and Terraces


The roof is not only an integral part of our homes but also acts as a barrier in withstanding various harsh weather conditions. Our Indian roofing system is designed to bear heavy rains, absorb harmful UV sun rays, and strong winds up to a certain limit. But due to poor quality materials, lack of expertise, and other reasons, the roof becomes weak in the long run, resulting in cracks and gaps, followed by water seepage. 

Roof Waterproofing Problems - Asian Paints
Terrace Waterproofing Problems - Asian Paints


Waterproofing your roofs and terraces to avoid seepage, leakage and erosion due to all the above reasons is extremely essential. There are various ways in which a terrace can be waterproofed to solve each of the above problems. Apart from that, regular care must be taken to protect terraces such as periodic water tank and pipe checks, following safety measures when setting up installations and equipment, building overhead shades and so on. Let us take you through the waterproofing solutions for roofs here.


Age-old traditional waterproofing methods like brick bat coba and mud phuska are not a standard solution to save roofs from water damage. The Indian roofing system, which faces several impacts of nature head-on, needs advanced waterproofing solutions to stay safe from water damage in the long run.  Chemical based waterproofing might seem like a cost effective option, but it also a cheap alternative since it is rarely able to withstand harsh conditions over a period of time. None of these options when it comes to their application.


Asian Paints brings in SmartCare - a unique range of advanced waterproofing solutions to meet the needs of modern homeowners. Asian Paints’ Damp Proof or Damp Proof Ultra combined with Roof Tape, Crack Seal, and Akrylmax are all that you would need for your home to become completely waterproof and weatherproof upto 10 years*. 

Asian Paints roof waterproofing products provide a comprehensive cover against all possible water damages. With Asian Paints waterproofing solutions, give your home the best waterproofing treatment this year and stay safe against all kinds of water damages.

As monsoons are just around the corner, now is the right time to waterproof your roofs and terraces. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with an Asian Paints representative for a full quotation. 

Benefits of Choosing SmartCare Damp Proof Waterproofing Products - Asian Paints


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