Everything There Is to Know About Commercial Waterproofing

Everyone is very familiar with the difficulties we face in the monsoon season in terms of leakage, mold growth, and other things. So, what is the solution to this significant problem? The saviour for us to this problem is waterproofing. Let us dive into more details about waterproofing.

In simple terms, the process of making a structure or material resistant to water or moisture.

Waterproofing is essential to construction and building maintenance in the long run. Proper waterproofing extends the lifecycle of the building, reduces the repair cost and makes the place safe for its inhabitants. 

The type of waterproofing method entirely depends on the space it will use. There are many ways to waterproof materials or structures, such as sealants, coatings, etc.

Therefore, it is essential to waterproof your homes, offices and other properties to ensure the safety of yourself and the structure in the long run.

Waterproofing coating for a commercial roof - Asian Paints

What is Commercial Waterproofing?

Commercial waterproofing is tailored to structures like offices, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, etc. The goal of commercial waterproofing is straightforward: to prevent damage caused by water & moisture in the long run. The materials and methods used for this process depend on the location and type of the building.

Many types of commercial waterproofing systems and commercial waterproofing products are available in the market nowadays, like drainage systems, coatings, sealants, etc.

The proper commercial waterproofing of a building helps extend its lifecycle and makes the place safe for its inhabitants.

Commercial Waterproofing is an essential element to consider during the construction of any building structure and after the construction ends.

 Commercial building with waterproofing coating applied - Asian Paints

What are the advantages of Commercial Waterproofing?

Commercial waterproofing offers many advantages in the fight against damage caused by water and moisture, and they are:

Protects against water damage

We all know water causes internal and external damage to the building through cracks and mold formation. The repairs cost a considerable amount of money. Commercial building waterproofing helps us in this aspect.

Extend the life & health of the building

It prevents the weakening of the structure caused by water and moisture. It extends the life of the building and cuts the cost of repair.

Improving the energy-efficiency levels of the building

Commercial roof waterproofing and commercial waterproof panels help reduce building heat loss and prevent air infiltration

Enhance the air quality inside the structure

Commercial building waterproofing helps in the prevention of moisture getting inside the building structure and helps to enhance the inside-air quality

It is incredibly cost-effective

In the starting, we would spend a certain amount of money on commercial waterproofing systems and commercial waterproofing products. Still, it would be better than repairing the damage caused by the latter.

What are the different methods of Commercial Waterproofing?

There are many methods of commercial waterproofing. We have highlighted a few of the most popular ones below:

Liquid-applied waterproofing

This process involves applying a coating of a liquid substance to help create a smooth membrane to stop water and moisture from entering the structure. Commercial waterproofing contractors mainly use this method for waterproofing commercial buildings and even commercial waterproof wall panels.

Cement Waterproofing

Commercial concrete waterproofing is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and they are the first option that commercial waterproofing contractors opt for.

The mixture of cement/concrete with additives creates a proper waterproof coating, which is also known as commercial concrete waterproofing. They use this method chiefly to waterproof commercial floors, commercial basement waterproofing, and commercial waterproof wall panels.

Drainage Systems

It is the most popular among many commercial waterproofing systems. They collect the water and take it away from the structure or building via pipes to another location. This is the best and most efficient method for commercial basement waterproofing, commercial roof waterproofing, and even commercial waterproof flooring.

Sheet Membranes

They mostly make them from rubber or plastic and apply them as rolls. This is one of the easiest ways of waterproofing commercial buildings and structures. We primarily use them in commercial waterproof flooring.

Bituminous waterproofing

To create a water barrier, asphalt-based materials are used. We majorly use it for commercial waterproofing basements, foundations, and commercial waterproof flooring.

Which is the best method of commercial waterproofing?

It’s very difficult to point out any single “best method” of waterproofing. It completely depends on the specific needs, space requirements, location, budget, and others.

Liquid and Bituminous applied is majorly used to waterproof commercial flooring, roofs, and side wall.

We use cement, sheet membrane and drain systems for waterproof commercial flooring, basements, etc.

How can Asian Paints help you with waterproofing?

Asian Paints not just the decor of your home with colors but also wants to keep your house strong with various climate conditions. Asian Paints serve expertise in this field and will provide the best waterproofing services for your need, whether it is for new construction or renovations. Having various services, the Asian paints team will guide you as per your demand and necessities in your city. Book your appointment!


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