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Guide To Waterproofing your Bathroom

A Beginners Guide on How To Do Waterproofing in Bathroom!

he biggest enemy that jeopardizes the structural integrity of your home is - Water! Yes the same water that gives us life, can be the cause of ruining your dream home! Water leakage and seepage are seen as common occurrences that can potentially lead to serious structural damage, besides ruining the cosmetic appearance of your home.

The most vulnerable part of your house that is at a greater risk of damage due to moisture retention is your bathroom, as it is equipped with waterpipes and basin. And the most common instances of moisture retention are water leakage from bathroom tiles , dampness, and paint peeling, to name a few. And the root cause of all these leakages and seepages is the lack of waterproofing solutions. Bathroom waterproofing is extremely essential as it is the most critical area of your home that is the most exposed to water sources.

Thus, bathroom leakage repair must not be overlooked and addressed with smart waterproofing solutions. Whether you are constructing your new home or renovating the existing one, make sure that you have invested in smart bathroom waterproofing solutions!

However, the bathroom waterproofing procedure may seem to be daunting, especially if you do not have basic guidance. Hence we have curated this detailed beginner’s guide that highlights tips on how to do waterproofing in bathroom the smart way!

Smart Tips for Waterproofing your Bathroom

An efficient waterproofing solution for critical areas such as bathrooms is a cornerstone of safeguarding the structural integrity of your dream home. Our experts have thus identified smart ways for waterproofing your bathroom, which include - solutions for waterproofing bathroom walls, tips on how to protect bathroom door from water, the best waterproof paints for bathrooms, and so much more! So keep reading further!

How to waterproof your bathroom? - Asian Paints

Using Waterproofing Building Materials

The best time for waterproofing bathroom walls, and floors, and for that matter, your entire home, is at the time of initial construction, or renovation. When choosing the building materials for your bathroom look at more inorganic options such as stone, metal, plastic, ceramic, or porcelain tiles that are not easily affected by moisture. Moreover, these materials can also resist molds, and mildew better than wood and other organic materials. Similarly, choose clay-based porcelain or ceramic tiles to ensure waterproof bathroom flooring and walls. 


Pro Bathroom Waterproofing Tip - Use special bathroom waterproofing tiling adhesives to ensure better fixing of tiles, and reduce the possibility of leakage. Asian Paint’s Tile Grout is a  superior epoxy-based adhesive, specifically designed for use in the application of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, and stone joints


Choose the Right Material for Countertops and Sinks

A full-proof bathroom waterproofing procedure is to choose countertops and sinks with solid surfaces like stones, that prevent water seepage. Moreover, while installing a tub or shower, invest in waterproof bathroom tiles, to ensure there is no water leakage from bathroom tiles, which is done by using strong tiling additives. 


Seal all Cracks and Holes

To make the most of the bathroom leakage repair with waterproofing solutions, it is essential to efficiently seal all the cracks, and holes present in the corners of the walls, and the floors. 


Pro Bathroom Waterproofing Tip  -  Asian Paints Tile Adhesive for normal application a sturdy adhesive for fixing tiles and walls, and has a low water absorption feature, making it water resistant, and minimizes shrinkage and cracks.


Install Tiles as Waterproof Wall Panels for Bathroom

Having ceramic and porcelain tiles as waterproof wall panels for bathroom is one of the best ways to curb water penetration through the walls. These waterproof bathroom tiles are commonly used in contemporary bathrooms as a complete wall or just backsplash.


Pro Bathroom Waterproofing Tip - Before you install tiles in your bathroom you can use this Asian Paint’s SmartCare Bathroom Waterproofing Membrane which is a triple-layered, tough, elastic sealing laminated film, that is fixed below the tiles for long-lasting water resistance.


Using Waterproof Paints for Bathroom

To ensure there are no paint peels caused by the dampness using high-quality waterproof paints for bathroom is an ideal solution! For full-proof waterproofing for bathroom, ensure that you use a waterproof coating for the interior walls of your bathroom to prevent any chances of dampness. 


Pro Bathroom Waterproofing tip -  Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Block 2K is a  two-component, high-performance coating that provides unmatched waterproofing solutions for interior walls, and bathrooms while tackling efflorescence.


Waterproofing Bathroom Doors

The best solution for how to protect bathroom door from water is oiling. You can either use linseed or tung oil on the bathroom door to create an impeccable finish while waterproofing the door.

Why Choose Asian Paints for Bathroom Waterproofing Services?

We hope this detailed guide has helped you kickstart your bathroom waterproofing! 

So if you are looking for reliable, and expert waterproofing solutions, we have got you covered!  At Asian Paints, we have a team of waterproofing experts who not only help to identify the root cause of the problem, but also solve the problem through the range of our waterproofing solutions. Our waterproofing products are effective and highly reliable, and the best investment you will make for your dream home!

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How to do waterproofing in bathroom in the best way?

The best way to waterproof your bathroom is by investing in smart waterproofing solutions such as that from Asian Paints. These solutions will ensure that you have full-proof waterproof bathroom flooring, walls, and other surfaces. 


How is it possible for waterproofing bathroom without removing tiles?

Yes, it is possible for waterproofing bathroom without removing tiles, by using waterproofing tiling adhesives to ensure better fixing of tiles and reduce the possibility of leakage. And  Asian Paint’s Tile Grout is a superior epoxy-based adhesive, which is specially designed for use in the application of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, and stone joints 


How to do waterproofing in bathroom wet areas?

There are a number of smart ways in which you can waterproof the wet areas in your bathroom. Some of them are mentioned below  -

1. Immediately tend to bathroom leakage repair by contacting your plumbing services. As this will ensure no further damage is caused due to water leakage or seepage

2. Apply waterproofing coating on the floorings, or use ceramic tiles, with strong adhesives to curb water seepage

3. Use waterproof paints for bathrooms with  a high-performance coating like Asian Paints Damp Block 2K which provides unmatched waterproofing solutions for interior walls, and bathrooms while tackling efflorescence.


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