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Sophisticated Interior Design Ideas for your Home


Home Decoration or Interior Design is an extensive exercise that involves a lot of time and energy. Not to mention the costs involved. Interior design can be done in many ways depending on the tastes of the homeowner. While some may like to fill up their house design with heavy furniture, there are others who love the minimalistic look. Design is a very subjective and a very personal matter. Tastes vary between individuals. But there is a basic, agreed-upon set of rules which define each look. How closely you follow these rules while decorating your house will dictate its overall look.

A cosy home interior decor design which uses heavy furniture and earthy fabrics will give off an inviting warmth. While a minimalistic, sophisticated decor will exude class. Both these philosophies have their ardent followers. There is no right or wrong here. It is just a matter of different tastes. But things certainly can go wrong if the basic rules are not followed.

Here we’ll look at some interior design ideas that can give a home a truly sophisticated look and enough class to have a personality of its own.

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Less is always more when you are going for the sophisticated look. Having a few selective pieces of furniture in a room allows it to breathe and allows the room’s character to shine through. Cluttering up a room with needless pieces of furniture may have the opposite effect.

The visual weight of the furniture also plays a crucial part in a room’s look. Heavy, dark-coloured furniture will give the impression of weight and solidity. It will have a bigger ‘presence’ in the room and make it more rooted. Lighter furniture, on the other hand, will create an airiness which will lift the whole room and give off a sophisticated vibe.

Modern Interior Design Ideas - Asian Paints

It is important to choose furniture which is free of needless decorations. Light-coloured furniture with clean lines works the best. Keeping the room organised will enhance the sense of order which lends to the desired look. So, the most important thing to remember while practising ‘Less is more’, is to maintain the balance, without tending to tip the scales on either one of the extremes. Getting professional help is also worth looking into.


Just selecting the right colours for the walls will convey the desired feeling of class and sophistication. Colours are one of the most powerful media of expressing moods and feelings. They have the power to either create or destroy the soul of a living space depending on the kind of choices made.

While generally, people tend to play it safe when choosing colours for their house, an unusual combination of colours will leave a lasting impression rather than the run-of-the-mill wall colours.

Interior Design for Home - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Sonnet (L146)

If there are any doubts regarding colour selection, do not hesitate to reach out and get in touch with the experts to seek help for interior design ideas. Some people equate flamboyance with sophistication, which is not the case. Sophistication is subtle and understated. The choice of colours, if done right, will reflect it amply. The look is complete when the wall colours are complemented with matching, or even contrasting interior home decor and furnishings.A professional painting service  can help you achieve the perfect color scheme for your home.


ColourNext is an annual colour and decor trend forecast, the only one of its kind in India. Each year, Asian Paints collaborate with experts from different disciplines to put together a comprehensive forecast of colours, materials, textures and finishes for those who design for India. As the year unfolds, these trends become more evident across design fields.

Have a look at the four trends forecasted for 2021: Habitat, A Home New World, Felicity and Z Futures.



Habitat style interior design � Asian Paints

Habitat is a story of coexistence and humility – of pausing and observing the world around us and having transformed in this moment of stillness. There is no “back to normal” for we can’t unsee our lopsided past. It’s time for a systemic rethink of how we exist and coexist with the world.


Blue coloured bedroom interiors � Asian Paints

A Home New World represents a mindset change in how we relate to our home design and work spaces. Home is an entire ecosystem where worlds that were otherwise separate, now collide. As we hack our spaces to serve new needs, we demand interior design solutions that are accessible, multifunctional and adaptable.


Felicity idea for your home design � Asian Paints

Felicity reflects a change in behaviour – a conscious choice to consume things that possess real value over flaunt value of an ephemeral nature. Indulgence takes a backseat as we surround ourselves with things that serve a purpose, are beautiful and provide us a lasting sense of comfort. Things that add abundance in our lives by eliminating the frills.


Z-futures for your home design � Asian Paints

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