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Wall Paint Interior Decor Design Ideas for that Perfect Look


Colours are a very important part of home interior decor. They have the power tThe times that we live in, place a great importance on ‘designer labels’ and ‘designer looks’. From clothes to food, the designer label applies to many things. Even wallpapers are designer nowadays. The biggest allure of designer labels is their exclusivity. Not everyone can afford to go designer. But there are people who crave to get the coveted label but don’t have the deep pockets to realise their dreams. But a designer look is also about personalisation. Professional designers give their creations a personal touch. This is what makes their creations special and much sought-after.

Home decor is a very personalised activity. It is the coming-together of ideas which people try to translate accurately from their minds into reality. A designer look can also be put together with the right colours. Colours have the power to transform a dull space into something which many of us dream about. The right mix of colours with the right furniture, furnishings and textures enhances the designer look. A careful curation of luxurious textures with rich colours will keep the house looking fresh for a long time.

Here are a few secrets of selecting the perfect wall paints for room decor to give a designer look, which will be well within the range of most budgets!

Living Room Colours Design - Asian Paints


This is a strong yet classy wall colour combination. It instantly gives a luxurious feel to the room with its saturated intensity and a satin-smooth finish. The brown and orange wall colour shades in the mix are very earthy colours which also give the room a stability.

The texture created using the Sunset Orange and Moody Maroon has a depth that makes for an excellent accent wall. The lighter Peanut Butter enhances the dark creaminess of the texture.

House Interior Designs - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Sunset Orange (9398); Moody Maroon (4181); Peanut Butter (8559)

The Peanut Butter is a light shade of brown that is slightly reminiscent of a light coffee. It reflects the light better than the other two colours in this combination. Dark furniture with light-brown and beige fabrics will complete the designer look.

This eclectic fusion of colours is full of warmth. So some warm, soft lighting will make it a more inviting space that will still be sophisticated enough to qualify for the designer tag.


This colour conveys exactly what its name states. It is an icy shade of grey that is not too glaring in its brightness. This is a colour that would pull in plenty of light into a room, making it appear brighter.

The icy cool of the Ice Crystal speaks sophistication in volumes. Though it is a neutral shade, it still delivers the designer look of the couture variety. The neutral shade leaves the possibilities wide open for choosing the furniture. This colour will accommodate any type of furniture and make it look like an integral part of the designer look.

Furniture Decor Ideas - Asian Paints
Colour Used: Ice Crystal (8444).

But, light coloured furniture will really shine in the icy atmosphere. White furniture with grey furnishings and silver accents is a potent combination that will make for a beautiful monochrome colour scheme.

Some curtains in English colour schemes will be a perfect addition to complete this designer look.


Blue is a royal colour. It is also a very sophisticated colour which is very soothing in almost all its shades. This is also one colour which finds a place in lots of designer creations due to its versatility. Bright blue shades are playful, light blue shades are calming and dark blue shades are royal.

The Ocean Force is one such deep shade of blue which seems to be made for a designer look. Though it is a dark colour, it is not so dark as to strip away its inherent character. It is also a soothing colour that provides some stability to the eye and the mind. This colour presents lots of possibilities for making some interesting combinations with other colours.


Decor Ideas for Living Room - Asian Paints
Colour Used: Ocean Force (X146)

The Ocean Force can be paired with the white colour wall paint for a classic retro designer look. It is a combination which evokes nostalgia.

Sheer curtains combined with darker accents can provide even more contrast and add to the complexity of the decor. Some heavy furniture with patterned fabrics will complete the desired designer look.


This rich and elegant colour combination declares itself to be a designer creation in no uncertain terms. This is an unabashedly bold combination of colours of the pink and purple families that come together rather nicely to deliver a slightly vintage designer look that is still in vogue.

The Purple Blush is a pinkish shade of lavender that acts as the highlight in this beautiful medley of colours. The Escapade is a very dark, almost brownish, shade of purple that forms the base of this designer combination, adding depth to the texture.


House Interior Decor Ideas - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Purple Blush (9124); Shady Purple (9119); Escapade(7141)

The Shady Purple is the glue that holds this combination together and elevates it to the hallowed halls of the designer realm. The Shady Purple dominates this combination giving it the royal purple colour which appears to shine from within due to the shades and highlights.

Silver accents and silver furniture will accentuate this over-the-top medley of colours. No other colour will be as effective in bringing out the designer look.


This is a beautiful combination of colours which reminds one of the crispness of the autumn with its orange and yellow theme. Both are light shades which instantly make the room visually lighter. With plenty of natural sunlight, the walls will shine and dazzle.

The Hacienda Clay is a beautiful light orange colour which appears almost desaturated. Though this colour would be at home with any darker matching colour, it creates an appealing combination with the Pale Pearl which is a creamy shade of yellow. Though both of these belong to the yellow family, they stand apart quite distinctly but come together harmoniously to deliver class and oodles of sophistication.

Because of the lightness of both these colours, some heavy furniture will provide a nice perceptional contrast to the room. The weight of the furniture would be balanced by the lightness of the walls. Raw, textured fabrics for curtains or on the sofa will be an additional dimension for this classy combination.



So, as we have seen here, achieving a designer look with wall colours is quite possible. It is a fun experience to mix-n-match colours, and experiment with textures to get the perfect designer look of your dreams.

If you feel too overwhelmed with the number of options available, it is always a good idea to seek expert help & complete home painting service. Here the destination is as fun and satisfying as the journey itself.


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