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Paint Job: Ways to Check for a Quality Paint Job

A quality painting process is not complete just after a fresh coat of paint is applied to the surface of the walls. A high-quality painting job can be ensured only after a thorough inspection of walls to check for defects and irregularities that can be corrected afterwards. Getting precise feedback after the painting process is an important part of having a quality painting job done on your walls.

A high-quality painting job can be achieved in three phases which include using good quality paints, expert painting service, and a post-painting inspection process. One important aspect to consider when looking for an expert painting service is the differences between a professional painting contractor and a painter. A first-quality painting job can give you a value-for-money experience where your walls stay vibrant and intact with the colours for many years. Here’s a look at the quality checks you need to follow to ensure

Check for Consistency in Colour & Application of the Good Quality Paints


After a fresh painting job, ensure that the correct shade of colour is applied to the walls that you selected. Make sure the selected shade of colour is consistently applied throughout every area of the wall. If there are spills or paint drips present, restore that part of the wall by sanding and retouching to apply another coat of paint.



Check for Precise Application of Best Quality Paints by Inspecting Corners


Best-quality paints require a precise application that can be inspected by observing the corners of walls. Check whether the paint designated to each wall is confined to it with sharp and clean strokes in each corner without a wave of paint leaking into another wall or ceiling. Also, make sure there is no space left between the applied colour and decor elements such as windows, doors, switchboards, lighting components, etc. 


Check for Bleeding in Top Quality Paints


Check for bleeding in your walls where the colour from the previous paint coat can seep into the fresh coat of paint. Bleeding can occur even in the best quality paints for the home which can lead to discolouration of the top layer of paint thereby causing yellow or reddish colour spots. To avoid bleeding of paint, the wall surface should be prepared properly for painting by applying a layer of good quality primer.


Check for the Smoothness of the Best Quality Paints for Home


After a fresh coat of paint has been applied, check whether there is a smooth and consistent finish throughout the application of paint. Usually, a wall putty of the best quality is applied to achieve a smooth and even finish of the paint. Check whether there are bumps, unevenness, or rough patches on the wall. Retouch these areas by applying a proper coat of wall putty of the best quality and applying a fresh coat of colour to even out the surface.



Safeguard your Walls from Environmental Effects


A good quality paint job should last through the environmental conditions of different seasons. Therefore, it is necessary to caulk the areas present in the walls such as borders of windows, doors, utility holes, and gaps. The process of caulking will prevent water damage to the walls that can happen by water seeping through these gaps. The process of caulking should be done on both the exterior and interior parts of the wall.


How Can Asian Paints Help You to Get a Quality Paint Job?


The Asian Paints Safe Painting Service is a one-stop solution for all your painting needs. The Asian Paints Safe Painting Service provides different facilities such as colour consultation, supervised painting, and trained professionals that will provide a clean and precise paint job. Asian Paints is a quality painting company that provides post-painting professional cleaning with deep sanitization and 1-year service product warranty.


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