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Interior Waterproofing: Protect Your Home Décor


Your home is the safe abode you come back to every day, the haven that shelters you from the outside elements so that you stay protected and secure even in the harshest of weather conditions. As a proud house-owner, are you also taking enough care of your home and giving it the same love and care it treats you with? Protecting your home decor with both exterior and interior waterproofing is a significant step one can’t afford to miss. 

Buildings in India have to withstand extreme weather conditions, including torrential rains in the monsoons, and having adequate exterior waterproofing solutions is mandatory. Interior house waterproofing is even more complex and requires an accurate diagnosis of the problem before it can be remedied.

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Interior house waterproofing refers to safeguarding the interiors of your house, including the walls, ceilings, and floor, from water seepage. While opting for waterproofing solutions to protect your home, due importance needs to be given to interior waterproofing to protect the walls of your house from dampness, peeling off paint, formation of blisters on the walls, and efflorescence. Here are a few reasons why interior waterproofing is indispensable:

Protects your house from moulds and mildew:

Dampness inside the house can lead to the build-up of molds and mildew, which can be detrimental to your family's health. Interior waterproofing eliminates these issues. 

Prevents structural damage:

House waterproofing helps prevent structural damage that can not only drastically bring down the value of your home but also put the safety of the building’s inhabitants at risk. 

Better air quality:

Ever entered someone’s house only to be greeted by a stale, damp odour? Dampness inside the house can make your house smell bad. Good interior waterproofing solutions keep dampness at bay and maintains the quality of air inside your house.

 Saves your money in the long run:

During the initial stages of building your house, interior waterproofing might seem like an unnecessary task. However, it is important to remember that the money spent on good waterproofing solutions is an investment that protects your house for a long time by preventing water damage from occurring in the first place.



Is your house safe from water damage? Or is it time to revamp the interior waterproofing of your abode? Look out for these tell-tale signs that show a house needs interior waterproofing. 

Dampness in the interior walls - Asian Paints


Dampness on walls is one of the most common signs of interior water damage. Large damp patches may occur on the walls of your house during monsoons if the water seeps in through cracks in the roof or around windows. Faulty plumbing can also lead to dampness.

Efflorescence in the interior walls - Asian Paints


Efflorescence refers to the formation of a crystalline or powdery deposit of salts on the surface of walls and floors. It occurs due to the presence of water in the brick, concrete, or other building surfaces. It can vary in intensity from surface to surface and may arise during or after home construction.


Peeling of wall paint due to dampness - Asian Paints


If left untreated, dampness on walls caused by internal or external leakages can lead to the wall paint peeling off. Peeling of paint is common in houses that have poor ventilation and are situated in humid regions.

Blisters formed on the interior walls - Asian Paints


Blistering is a common problem that occurs when the new, upper layer of paint loses adhesion and separates from the older layers beneath it. Blistering can have numerous causes including excess moisture present in the wall dues to internal or external leakages. 

Growth of mold on the walls  - Asian Paints


The growth of molds on walls and ceilings is a serious problem faced by many homeowners. A common cause of this is high humidity combined with water leakage and condensation. Molds on walls are not only unsightly but can also lead to health disorders in the people living inside.


Have you noticed the above signs of water damage inside your house? If yes, it is time to get your house evaluated by a waterproofing contractor so that the sources of leakages are found out and the root cause of the problems fixed. Here are a few possible sources of leakages: 

  1. Groundwater rising 
  2. Leakage through bathroom/kitchen adjoining walls 
  3. Leakage through exterior walls 
  4. Leakage through Terrace 
  5. Leakage through balconies and windows



Left untreated, the signs of water damage not only spoil the aesthetics of your beautiful home but may also lead to health issues in your family and a reduction in the value of your property. The good news is that all these waterproofing issues can be easily tackled with the Asian Paints SmartCare line of developed products, keeping in mind all your interior house waterproofing needs.


SmartCare range of waterproof paints & waterproofing solutions - Asian Paints

For Leakage through groundwater rising or bathroom/kitchen adjoining walls:-

Mild dampness

Use SmartCare Damp Sheath Interior as a waterproofing primer for interior surfaces to fight mild dampness. A specially formulated acrylic copolymer-based primer, it prevents surface dampness from manifesting itself on the topcoat. The product comes with a 1-year waterproofing warranty on dampness. 

High dampness and efflorescence

For lasting protection against efflorescence and high dampness, apply two coats of SmartCare Damp Block 2k at the brick level. It comes with unmatched resistance to hydrostatic pressure and a 3-years warranty. 

Leakage through Exterior walls

Safeguard your exterior walls with SmartCare Damp Sheath Exterior Primer as a waterproofing primer that protects your exterior walls from developing cracks and leakages. The product comes with a 3-years warranty. 

Leakage through Roof/Terrace

Waterproof your roof with solid products like SmartCare Damp Proof or SmartCare Damp-Proof Ultra that provides excellent resistance against rainwater, sun damage. Formulated with select elastomeric and resilient acrylic polymers and reinforcing polyester fibres, Damp Proof and Damp Proof Ultra provide 8 years & 10 years of waterproofing warranty respectively.



If you are building or renovating your house, incorporate SmartCare products into the masonry process to prevent all kinds of waterproofing problems from ever occurring. Use Damp Block 2k at the brick level and Damp Sheath Interior & WP putty in place of the normal primer putty system. 

Prevent internal water leakages in the bathroom with Bathroom WP membrane. Secure your exterior walls with Damp Sheath Exterior Primer and roof with Ultra Block 2k or Damp Proof. Your house is your pride; secure its beauty and strength with SmartCare waterproofing solutions today. For information, visit


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