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5 Factors to Consider while looking for Painting Contractor


When you’re visualizing your home after a home improvement project plan, you generally dream of the outcome and not the details of the process that brings it to life. Most often than not, we believe hiring a professional house painting contractor is where it all ends. But that is where the process actually begins. Your beautiful home needs to be in the hands of someone certified, trustworthy and with all the experience needed. Although our Contractor Finder Tool can help you narrow down your search with focused results, you can determine the best fit once you have good knowledge of the below listed necessities. Experience and timelines are not the only noteworthy characteristics, since a lot more detail goes into finding perfect house painting contractors who can do justice to your requirements. After all, home painting projects are sacred and so is the selection process that comes along.. 

So keep your notebook handy, following are the list of things to look out for while hiring the right painting company for your projects.

Professional home painting contractors - Asian Paints


With years of experience comes good knowledge about products, paint tools, timeliness, adept technical skills and a lot more. Through our Contractor Finder Tool,you can verify ratings, reviews and number of years as experience of various professional paint contractors before you schedule a home visit. The fact that the shortlisted paint contractors have been in the industry for a while and have successfully completed projects of scale can give you assurance. You can choose filters in the tool that helps you in identifying professionals that hone expertise in select categories like waterproofing, textures, interior/exterior textures, wood finishes, etc.

Hire experienced professional house painting contractors - Asian Paints

Years of experience also means versatility across projects and challenges. You can ask your professional to share past project references to understand their scope and deliverables. Another way to understand your paint contractor’s scope is to judge his knowledge on paint tools and the products he has to offer. Once you schedule home visits for painting service , you can gauge the paint contractor’s knowledge, communication, etiquette, professionalism and more.


Every Indian family dreams of a home improvement project that’s completed on time. This is a necessity to look out for when your professional paint contractor is discussing your home plans with you. Some signs worth noting are if your professional commits to a deadline, if his workers commit to the same and if his past projects were delivered within the same timelines as well. Another pertinent aspect is if your professional paint contractor uses mechanized tools to accelerate the process.

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To identify this, our Contractor Finder Tool will help you narrow down results of professionals adept with mechanized tools in their area of expertise. Even after the process has begun, do look out for daily updates on the progress of your project from your professional and his aids. A home improvement project running on time is already on its path to success and satisfying outcomes.


Online reviews are the new word of mouth. While identifying your professional paint contractor, it is of utmost importance to sift through customer feedback for assurance. To simplify your shortlisting process, the Contractor Finder Tool helps you view customer feedback from past projects and ratings as well. Another thing to look out for is a badge like ‘Joy Partner’ that usually is given to professionals that have consistently received high ratings from customers. With customer feedback and categories to help you identify the right professional on the Contractor Finder Tool, you can schedule home visits to take the project further and discuss your requirements with shortlisted professionals.

Hire expert paint contractors with great customer feedback & testimonials - Asian Paints
Hire expert home painting contractors with great customer feedback & testimonials - Asian Paints



To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money and that is sincerity and integrity.” - Douglas Adams. Professionalism is dimensional and is showcased by a contractor through phases of the project. Some signs are displayed in the initial phases whereas some emerge overtime as the project moves on.  A professional paint contractor will arrive on time, outline the budget prior to the project beginning, measure your home, and display communication etiquettes in the initial phases of meeting. These are a few telling characteristics of professionalism you must look out for in your paint contractor:-

Hire a paint contractor that is professional at all times - Asian Paints

An intangible characteristic like this determines the outcome of your home improvement project, which is why it is deemed as important. When the project commences, ensure your contractor’s helpers adhere to the same level of professionalism at all times. Signs like no smoking on site, masking and covering furniture meticulously and cleaning up after a day at work are important things to look out for. Professionalism also builds a strong customer-contractor relationship for future projects.


When you are embarking on a home improvement journey, you as a client need to do a bit of homework as well to understand the materials used, the tools and the requirements. We are here to cover all bases and answer all your questions, further preparing you for the shortlisting process. When you interact with potential candidates, insist on genuine brands and products like the Asian Paints TruCare 2X Primer and Putty Mix for your undercoat and relevant top coats that are industry standard and reliable. It’s a cherry on the cake if your professional comes along with mechanized tools like the pressure washer, paint mixer or paint sprayer, since it’s a sign of a technically sound professional. 

Professional house painting contractors have product & application knowledge - Asian Paints

Along with product knowledge, your professional should have in-depth application knowledge and past experience in using tools and paints for the requirement outlined. Pro Tip: A key practice to look out for is if your professional applies substantial amount of coats to hide previous layers of paints especially in cases of darker shades.

Apart from looking out for these key characteristics in the interior & exterior house painting process, homeowners also need to know how to identify the right paint contractor in today’s day and age. Home improvement is a journey that both you and your paint contractor embark on, and transparency is vital for the success of it. Our Contractor Finder Tool is just what you need to begin this process to find your match and begin your dream home improvement project. Our trained professional house painters are well-equipped with project knowledge, tools, industry references and customer etiquette to ensure the process is smooth and seamless for you and your family. So if you’re looking for a fresh coat of paint, you know just what to do now.


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