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Kaamyabi Ke Rang - Colors of Success - Season 2

What lies behind the stroke of genius that has brought colour and personality, and breathed life into your space? Take a look around you, at the muted white tones and abstract wall art- who are the artisans who brought these four walls to life? Painters, contractors, artists, but most importantly, people. People with stories and journeys whose own experiences have amounted to a subtle but impactful role in shaping our homes. These experiences so often go unnoticed, until now.

Take a look at the stories behind the people who have turned your house into a home. Get inspired by the passion, perseverance and talent beyond training that these professionals bring. These handpicked testimonials of triumph against hardship give you insight into the pride and heart of this profession. Let’s redefine the customer-contractor relationship and give you a look at the real Kaamyabi Ke Rang.


A ball soars into the skies and Pravakar hits it with the focused determination that has become such a key characteristic of his own journey. Having to start working at just 8 years old, and stopping school after 9th grade to support his family, Pravakar’s story has not been an easy one. But despite his circumstances, he ventured beyond odd jobs, teaching himself by any means necessary, to perfect his skill. Cycling 30km to attend the Asian Paints Colour Academy, learning from YouTube videos, and practicing on the walls of his own home, Pravakar has become a self-taught master of 3D painting techniques, a rarity in the field. Motivating himself through his core belief that life always gives you a chance to learn.




In a quest to pay his own school fees as a teen, Sunil found a businessman willing to pay him 250 rupees to paint his shop, an odd job that changed the course of his life. Hailing from Malhaur village, Sunil has played many roles, from painter to artist to entrepreneur. Going from a one-man operation who chanced upon an architect that believed in him, to leading a team of over 150 people and creating his own exclusive mechanical painting process.  Sunil’s main motivator is his family, making them proud and a pat on the back from his parents means the world to him. To him, being successful in the eyes of his wife is all he needs, that is true success.  




As a child, Jitendra always knew he was destined to be great, starting his quest to become ‘someone important.’ Brought up by his grandfather, Jitendra got into the business of colour out of respect for him, in order to take on and further his nanaji’s legacy. But Jitendra still wanted to show the world he had something unique to offer and dreamed of becoming an architect. When he was unable to do so due to the circumstances, his daughter decided to see her father’s dreams through and become an architect to make him proud. Jitendra now believes a white-collar job isn’t the mark of someone successful. Instead, he recognizes his growth, legacy, and continued impact as his cornerstones of success.



There are so many more stories like those of Pravakar, Sunil and Jitendra that culminate in a celebration of your homes. Understanding these artists, their motivation and their journey is key in helping this profession thrive. Asian Paints is on a quest to shed light on these people that are so integral to our process and provide them with the true recognition they deserve for all that they do. We want to rework the way you see the people creating your space

We hope the next time you use our Contractor Finder Tool, to get in touch with our professionals, these stories provide the motivation for you to welcome them into your homes and celebrate their work.

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