Master Bedroom Vastu: Creating Positive Energy


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Vastu for Bedroom

Master Bedroom Vastu: Creating Positive Energy

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture and design that combines the power of nature with the principles of interior design to create an environment that promotes health, wealth, and harmony. If you are looking to bring more balance into your bedroom design, here are 11 Vastu tips for creating a harmonious bedroom.

 1. Place the bed in the southwest corner of the room so that you can sleep with your head pointed towards the south or west direction. As per Vastu for the bedroom, this position will help promote good health and well-being.

2. Considering Vastu for bedroom furniture, the bed should be made of wood as metal beds can disrupt energy flow around the room. You can also place two wooden beams on either side of your bed to increase stability and energy flow as per your master bedroom Vastu.

3. One of the Vastu tips for bedroom is that mirrors should not be placed in front or opposite the bed as they can cause insomnia and nightmares. Vastu for bedroom also suggests that you should also avoid sleeping under exposed beams or directly under a window as this could negatively affect your sleep quality.

Vastu tips for placing mirror in your master bedroom design - Asian Paints

4. Place a headboard behind your bed with an attractive picture above it like an artwork or poster that promotes positive energy in the bedroom. Hang curtains on either side of your bed for more privacy and better air circulation within the bedroom which will strengthen the overall Vastu Shastra for bedroom.

5. Choose light colours when decorating your walls to create a peaceful atmosphere within your bedroom design. Including dark colours in bedroom as per Vastu can be too stimulating for sleeping areas and could cause restlessness during sleep time. Painting all four walls in one colour is best as per Vastu tips for bedroom, but if you prefer wallpaper, try using one solid colour instead of patterns or busy designs.

6. Avoid cluttering up any area near where you sleep as too much stuff can create negative energy around you while sleeping. Considering Vastu for bedroom, store items like clothes and books away from where you rest at night to keep things organised and balanced within your bedroom space.

7. Keep plants away from your bedroom position as per Vastu as they tend to absorb negative energy while providing oxygen which can disturb your sleep. However, placing plants near windows or other parts of the room will add vibrant energy to the space without disturbing your sleep quality or quantity!

Vastu tips for placing house plant in your master bedroom - Asian Paints

8. According to the master bedroom Vastu, make sure there are no sharp objects such as scissors, knives, or pins near where you rest at night as these will disrupt energy flow around bedrooms. Store them away safely outside of bedrooms if possible to strengthen your Vastu for bedroom furniture! 

9. Hang pictures or artworks that depict positive emotions such as joy, happiness, peace, etc. on walls facing west/north/east directions. Choose any one-bedroom direction as per Vastu to help create inspiring vibes within bedrooms!

10. Vastu for the bedroom also suggests placing a small table next to beds for items such as books/phones/water bottles etc. Make sure it’s not crowded with items but rather kept neat and orderly so that it doesn’t disturb chi energies!

11. Install dim lights near beds so that it helps people relax before going off to sleep. Too bright lights may prevent people from getting adequate sleep considering your master bedroom Vastu!

Bedroom Ideas from Feng Shui

Are you looking for ways to bring a sense of peace and relaxation into your bedroom? If so, consider taking inspiration from the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui which is similar to Vastu for bedroom. Feng shui is an art form that emphasises energy flow within a space and can be used to create a calming, inviting atmosphere in your bedroom. Read on to learn more about how you can incorporate feng shui into your bedroom design.

The Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of a room has a major impact on its overall feel and energy. In traditional feng shui, the wall paints associated with peacefulness are blues, greens, and neutral tones such as white or grey. These colours are believed to have calming properties that will help you relax and get better sleep at night. Consider painting your walls one of these shades or adding accents throughout the room in these shades to give it a more tranquil feel.

Grey & black colour combination for your master bedroom - Asian Paints

Organisation And Clutter

Clutter can be overwhelming and distracting, so it is important to keep your bedroom tidy. This means not only making sure that everything has its place but also minimising the amount of clutter in the room in the first place. Try removing any unnecessary items from the bedroom, this includes furniture and decorations, to make the space feel less cramped and cluttered. Additionally, it is important to arrange furniture efficiently. Try placing them against walls instead of having them take up too much floor space in the centre of the room similar to a bed position in a bedroom as per Vastu.                                                                                                                                                              

Furniture Placement

In addition to arranging furniture for efficiency, placements also play an important role in feng shui design principles. Your bed should be placed away from any windows or doors if possible. When placing mirrors, make sure they don’t reflect your bed directly since this could be disruptive to restful sleep. Finally, avoid placing electronics near where you sleep as their blue light may interrupt melatonin production (which helps regulate our sleep cycles). 

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that emphasises how energy flows through spaces. By incorporating some feng shui principles into your bedroom design, you can create a more peaceful atmosphere conducive to relaxation and restful sleep after a long day's work. Start by choosing soothing colours like blues, greens, whites or greys for paint or accents.

Then organise all items into neat piles with minimal clutter; finally, arrange furniture around walls instead of cluttering up floor space in the centre of the room while avoiding any mirrors reflecting beds directly or electronics near sleeping areas due to their blue light output disrupting melatonin production which helps regulate our sleep cycles. With just a few tweaks here and there using these tips from feng shui principles, you can easily transform any bedroom into one that's both aesthetically pleasing and functionally comfortable!

With these master bedroom Vastu tips for creating a harmonious bedroom, you'll have everything you need to ensure optimal feng shui in this important area of your home - promoting better health, wealth, and harmony along the way! Whether you are redecorating completely or just making some minor adjustments in your interior design, following these guidelines is sure to help create a more balanced atmosphere in every part of your home - starting with this most important room - Your Bedroom!


Vastu tips for furniture placement in your master bedroom - Asian Paints

How can Asian Paints help you with designing the best bedroom design?

Having a perfect master bedroom layout as per Vastu for your home is essential to experience a fulfilling home. Use the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Service to create a specially crafted bed position in the bedroom as per Vastu which is best suited to your needs. The Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Service will help you to create your dream bedroom with the best-suited aesthetics along with great functionality.


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17 FEB 2023

Vastu for Bedroom: Tips for a Harmonious Space - Asian Paints