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Smart & Stylish: Modular Kitchen Design Ideas for Modern Indian Homes


A place for everything and everything in its place—the general rule for kitchens in Indian homes is to keep things simple, natural and clutter-free

The unmistakable aroma of spices, mingling with the whiff of garam masala, and the sudden whoosh of a mouthwatering tadka, the profusion of colours, courtesy of the shelves and cabinets stacked with spices in multiple shades—a typical Indian kitchen is a busy hive of activity and a mosaic of rich colours. Cuisine, cooking and culture are inextricably linked, the beating heart of a home and as such, an important organ that keeps the household in smooth, efficient working order. The ones who run the kitchen, in Indian homes, they tend to be women—are fiercely protective of their space. It’s no wonder then that so much time and thought is spent on getting the room just perfect. So, what does the modern Indian kitchen interior look like? What must you think about when designing a modular kitchen for Indian Homes? Let’s find out!

Modular Indian kitchen design with wooden blinds - Asian Paints
Enveloped with the aroma of delicious food, this Indian kitchen runs on constant care, creativity and the secret ingredient of love.


Be it U-shaped, L-shaped, Parallel or Straight, the kitchen in an Indian home should first and foremost, make room—a lot of it—for all kinds of storage space and countertop space. Think about the variety of spices that go into each recipe and you’ll quickly concur. Hence, don’t hold back when thinking of drawers, kitchen cabinet designs and shelves. When you plan your kitchen furniture design, make sure all the drawers and kitchen cabinet designs are built easily accessible.

Modular kitchen design for Indian homes - Asian Paints
This L-shaped Indian kitchen guarantees generous portions of storage space that forms the heart of a Desi kitchen.

 An ideal kitchen cabinet design should be neat and fuss-free. Pull-out drawers near a countertop works great as they allow kitchen components to be sorted in separate drawers. Wall cabinets work great too, as they reduce the amount of space needed. An Indian cook also requires a lot of space to prepare the raw materials—space to keep marinated food out of the way, laying out utensils, etc. Thus, a U, L or a parallel kitchen layout works best for an Indian home.


Think Indian design and the default setting is perceived as being rich, bright and bold. However, a modern Indian modular kitchen demands scaling back on the richness of shades and keeping things natural—natural material like reclaimed wood for kitchen cabinet design, marble or granite countertops that add an earthy touch, and accessories, accents and kitchen décor that stays simple and minimal while being striking. That, however, doesn’t mean the boldness cannot come through in accents; add in the quirk with colourful mugs, fridge magnets, glass jars with labels or sleek spice racks. If there is a dearth of space, natural light pouring through the window does wonders for a small kitchen design.

Open shelving for Indian kitchen interiors - Asian Paints
Understated kitchen interiors are balanced with rich hues of blue that is simple yet striking.
Modern Indian kitchen design with overhead cabinet - Asian Paints
Quirky details and accents in this kitchen bring the Indian flavour to a modern setting.


Once the fundamentals of kitchen renovation design or a brand-new one are decided, think about the kitchen colour combination you’d like to be surrounded by when you cook. Most homeowners often opt for soft shades as a backdrop. However, your modern kitchen can be a place to play with colours and get creative.

You can create a contrast by mixing and matching hues, combine bold accents with Indian designs and patterns. However, it is important to balance colour, form, pattern and other design elements in a modular Indian modern kitchen design. The kitchen wall paint must seamlessly blend with the accessories and appliances like chimneys, fridge, oven, etc and should also complement your kitchen cabinet design and other kitchen furniture design as well. If you are working on your kitchen interior design yourself, it is a great idea to create a mood board and see how the colours, forms and designs work together.

Modern Indian kitchen with backsplash pattern & yellow cabinets - Asian Paints
This modern wall pattern inspired by India’s diverse heritage, adds the spice to an otherwise monotous kitchen design.


The importance of the right kind of lighting can never be overstressed when considering the kitchen décor and functionality. Of course, it requires careful planning.

Functional Indian kitchen design - Asian Paints
With a delicate play of shadows, this kitchen radiates beauty and enhances function.

From the different types of light to their positioning, everything plays its part to make a modern kitchen design look great. Creating shadows with lights enhance the aesthetic of the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets and workspaces should be lit in a way that makes the kitchen a convenient place to work in and also pleasing to look at.


Form follows function in the archetypal modular kitchen. And the smoothest of functions can be assured by investing in good appliances to enhance good kitchen design. Whether it’s a chimney, refrigerator, microwave, mixer grinder or oven, great care should be taken in placing the appliance. The work triangle—the oven, sink and refrigerator—should be placed at a close and easily accessible distance from one another. In general, the placement should allow easy access to appliances, they should be placed close to electrical outlets and should be easy to clean and maintain

Modern Indian kitchen with marble countertop - Asian Paints
Smartly placed and invested in, quality appliances give an edge to this classic Indian kitchen.

We hope these suggestions have ignited your imagination as you renovate or plan a new kitchen design. While each design will, of course, reflect the unique tastes and aesthetic of its occupants, aesthetic and functionality should be the main considerations while creating a modular kitchen design for Indian homes. Above all, though, whether you want a simple kitchen design or an elaborate one, the fundamental rule of a kitchen interior design remains the same across the globe—one that is compact, clutter-free, reflect personal taste and feel like home.


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Modular Kitchen Design Ideas for Indian Homes

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