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Everything You Need To Know About Tiling Over Existing Tiles


‘Tile-on-Tile’ is a method of setting new tiles over worn out, existing ones, and it is fast becoming a trend with homeowners today. It’s easier and cheaper than ripping out older tiles for a fresh installation. But back in the day this process was quite unpopular. Mostly due to the traditional adhesives in the market that compromised on the longevity, aesthetics, and practicality of the tiled surface. 

The Pitfalls of Using Traditional Tile Adhesive For Tile-on-Tile Installations


The bond between the adhesive and the tile is the deciding factor in ensuring successful tiling  for years to come. However traditional tile adhesives aren’t the strongest of bonding agents and can therefore leave gaps for dust, debris and moisture to seep in. This can lead to the cracking and damaging of said tiles. 

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Additionally, most traditional tile adhesives are only meant to be set on porous surfaces like concrete. They are not equipped for glossy or matte tiled surfaces, which are present in most modern homes. If the adhesive does not stick to the bottom of the new tile, it is more likely to come away or shift. This is a common cause of uneven surfaces.


Another potential pitfall of using traditional adhesives is the need for a thick coat to ensure a firm grip on the tile. However, this can also lead to damage, due to the weight and thickness of the adhesive. 

The Asian Paints SmartCare Tile Adhesive Magic  

The Asian Paints SmartCare Tile-on-Tile Adhesive range can be used in the permanent setting of ceramic, vitrified, and porcelain tiles on floors and walls, using the tile-on-tile application process. 

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Known for their excellent bonding qualities, using these adhesives would mean that you no longer have to worry about moisture seepage and damage to your tiles. The creation of hollow spaces due to the shifting of the tiles is another problem that you can check off your list of tiling problems.  The Asian Paints SmartCare Tile-on-Tile Adhesive is also customized to work with a broad array of surfaces including matte and glossy surfaces, ensuring greater choice when it comes to your tiling project. The Asian Paints SmartCare Tile-on-Tile Adhesive requires only 3 mm thickness for setting as well.  This would eliminate the possibility of tiles cracking under the weight of the adhesive. For more information on the product, please visit: SmartCare Tile Adhesive for Tile-on-Tile Application - Waterproof Adhesive - Asian Paints

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