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All You Need to Know About Foundation Waterproofing

Regarding the safety of our homes, buildings, and places where we live, it is critical to have a solid foundation that can withstand diverse environmental challenges such as water prevention or forming moisture. The foundation is the legs of our house; therefore, keeping those solid is necessary. Here’s where the foundation waterproofing or basement waterproofing services comes into play.

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What is Foundation Waterproofing?

Foundation Waterproofing prevents water infiltration into a building's foundation to increase its strength and durability. It entails installing a waterproof membrane to the foundation walls and flooring to keep moisture out of the basement or crawlspace. Water entry can damage the foundation and create a moist atmosphere, leading to mold growth, bug infestations, and other issues. Thus, foundation waterproofing is critical. Appropriate foundation waterproofing can assist in maintaining a building's structural integrity and improve indoor air quality.

Regarding new construction, it is critical to prioritize concrete foundation waterproofing to safeguard the foundation walls against water intrusion. New construction foundation waterproofing has become the priority of safety and maintenance for the structural advantage and durability of the building.

Different Types Of Foundation Waterproofing

Interior sealants

Interior sealants are a type of waterproofing product used to prevent water or moisture from entering the structure and increase the overall health and durability of the building. They are made of various materials, such as silicone, acrylic, and polyurethane. Some sealants are intended for certain surfaces, such as concrete, but others are multi-purpose and can be applied to various surfaces. This sealant is also included in concrete foundation waterproofing.

Interior sealants are mainly used for sealing gaps, basement leak repair, basement foundation repair, waterproofing foundation walls, or wood foundation waterproofing. To prevent moisture from seeping into the wood and creating damage over time, adequate wood foundation waterproofing is essential.

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Pro Tip - 

SmartCare UnyverSeal is a non-odorless, all-weather silicone sealer often used for glass, masonry, and sanitary joint sealing. This non-acetoxy elastic sealant is made of high-quality polysiloxanes and cures with atmospheric moisture to form a long-lasting seal. Clear, white, and black are all options.


Exterior basement waterproofing

This is a method of externally waterproofing the foundation walls. Digging the soil surrounding the foundation to expose the walls, washing the walls, and adding a waterproof coating or membrane to the outside surface of the walls are all part of the process, which makes the entire process known as a waterproofing foundation wall. This approach prevents water from penetrating the foundation walls and entering the basement.

Exterior foundation waterproofing is one of the best methods for basement leak repair and the most typical method for basement foundation repair. Exterior basement waterproofing services are highly recommended for new construction foundation waterproofing as it becomes easy and has effective results. 

Interior water drainage

Installing a drainage system on the interior of the basement walls to collect and direct water away from the foundation is part of this strategy. It entails digging a trench around the basement floor's perimeter, installing a drainage system, and connecting it to a sump pump that eliminates water from the basement.

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Pro Tip:-

SmartCare Damp Block 2K also addresses common issues such as efflorescence. The brick level is warranted for three years, and the plasters are warranted for one year. A high-performance coating that offers unrivaled waterproofing for interior walls and bathrooms.


Foundation crack injections

This step includes injecting waterproofing material into foundation wall cracks to seal them and keep water out of the basement. Injection materials include epoxy, polyurethane, and other forms of sealants. This procedure is helpful for tiny cracks and can help avoid additional foundation deterioration.

Foundation Injection incorporates two injection techniques: high-pressure and low-pressure injectors. They are performed with professional observation. The high-pressure injection involves inserting a liquid at high pressure into a tiny crack (less than 1/32′′ or 0.75 cm). The low-pressure injection method includes introducing a very low-pressure liquid into a thin gap (more than 1/16′′ or 1.5 mm).

Benefits of Foundation Waterproofing

The best foundation waterproofing treatments provide a variety of advantages, such as increased energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and increased property value. With advantages, there come benefits that have a significant impact on your property, they are as follows:-

Reduce Risk:-

Waterproofing the basement prevents mold from growing, which generally takes 48 hours to grow and may cause various problems for human living, such as asthma, fever, headache, and rashes. As for the basement, it protects from several leakages, seepage, water damage, and dampness.


Waterproofing the basement can prevent substances such as water or moisture from entering the structure, which makes the foundation sturdy and durable.

Higher Property price:-

Most properties are purchased with an eye towards the overall strength of the land, with the significant worry always being whether the property is waterproofed. Waterproofed characteristics are often more valuable than non-waterproofed ones. It is also easier to clean and has a high resale value.

Additional Storage:-

Since your basement is now well-waterproofed, you can use it as a storage area and keep items without fear of harm.

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Methods for the best foundation waterproofing:-

Exterior waterproofing:

Exterior foundation waterproofing involves excavating the soil around the foundation and applying a waterproofing membrane to the exterior walls. Exterior waterproofing is effective but can be expensive and disruptive.

Interior Waterproofing:

In this process of interior waterproofing, a drainage system and sump pump are installed in the basement to collect and redirect any water that enters. This procedure is less invasive and expensive than exterior waterproofing, but it must treat the underlying issue.

Injection Waterproofing:

This process includes injecting a waterproofing product into cracks and voids in the basement walls or foundation. This method can be effective for minor basement leak repairs but unsuitable for major significant problems.

Drainage Systems:

Installing a drainage system like a French drain around the foundation's perimeter can help divert water away from the house, preventing it from entering the basement. Keep up with the best waterproof house foundation for better durability.

Safety To Keep While Foundation Waterproofing

While starting with foundation waterproofing, some safety precautions need to be kept in mind, and they are as follows:-

Flammable Material -

Although most waterproofing materials contain highly combustible components, keeping the products away from such substances is essential.

Skin Injuries-

Protecting your body parts while working with waterproofing solutions is critical because the chemicals include hazardous compounds that can cause various skin problems.

Wearing proper outfits

Waterproofing outfits include work with chemicals and harmful products, so it's essential to have the fit, gloves, and glasses for protection.

Asian Paints provides consultation services to assist customers in selecting the best waterproofing service for their unique needs. Consumers can get this service by visiting Asian Paints' retail locations, available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai, or online, which includes an assessment of the customer's waterproofing needs and suggestions for the most effective waterproofing solutions.



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