Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing is Now Made Simple in this Step-by-Step Guide 

While it takes sweat and money to build the house of your dreams, it just takes a heavy downpour or excessive humidity, to damage the structural integrity of your dream home!  

This is because when the exterior walls are exposed to rain, and humidity, the moisture, and water can seep through the masonry and impact the internal walls, imposing a potential threat to the structural longevity of your house. As your walls stay damp for longer periods of time, they become a breeding ground for molds, or even worse, lead to irreparable damage to the concrete. While you may think that using exterior waterproof paint will safeguard your house, it is not a full-proof solution! 

Thus, with the guidance of exterior waterproofing experts, we have come up with full-proof exterior wall waterproofing solutions. So keep reading further to know more!

7 Steps for Full-Proof Exterior Wall Waterproofing 

If you are wondering how to do exterior wall waterproofing, using the best exterior waterproofing paint comes to your mind first. But waterproofing exterior walls is much beyond just using waterproof paints. So, here are 7 easy steps to get exterior wall waterproofing right the first time! 


Step 1 - Check for faults in your walls  

Before you go ahead with exterior wall waterproofing solutions, make sure that you identify, and eliminate any flaws in your walls. It is important to address all the cracks, and holes on the wall, and try to smooth finish the concrete to obtain maximum benefits of the exterior waterproofing materials.


Step 2 - Keep your gutters clean  

No amount of exterior waterproof paint could be successful in keeping moisture at bay if your gutters are clogged! This is because clogged gutters do not only overflow, but also retain rainwater, which is eventually absorbed into the roof’s wood or boards, leading to a series of structural damages such as rotten wood, leaks, and molds. But you can avoid these issues, by simply cleaning your gutters at least twice a year.


Step 3 - Select the right waterproofing exterior walls products  

There are a series of waterproofing products which are available in the market that help to safeguard your home from external moisture. However, below are some of the most effective products that our exterior waterproofing experts recommend - 


    1. Concrete waterproofing coating - It is a cement-like product that adheres to concrete and masonry permanently, and can be applied to any surface, including painted walls.

  • 2. Silicate-based concrete sealer - Sealing exterior walls become easier, with this product, because it reacts with the ingredients in masonry and concrete to form a waterproofing coating, and can be used on unpainted/unsealed walls.

  • 3. Waterproof paints - These are similar to acrylic wall paints, with the only difference being that it delivers better waterproofing performance. Hence it is important to choose the best waterproof paint for exterior walls which has a breathable formulation, and the capability to eliminate moisture. 


Step 4 - Use Plaster Waterproofing Additives  

The best way to waterproof exterior wall panels is by plastering them. Plastering not only enhances the cosmetic appearance of the walls, but also makes them solid, and protects them against water seepage. Although most exterior plasters come with inherent waterproofing characteristics, you can add waterproofing additives to completely eliminate the water infiltration problems.


Step 5 - Prepare your Walls for Exterior Waterproofing  

Before using any products for waterproofing exterior brick walls, you have to bring those walls in good condition, if not already! It is important to use good-quality fillers to repair the cracks and holes. Allow the fillers to dry completely, then sand away the rough areas, and remove the dust by cleaning the entire surface with water. However, before using any waterproof primer for exterior walls or waterproofing paint for exterior walls, let your walls dry completely to ensure good adhesion between the waterproofing material, and substrate.


Step 6 - Apply a Waterproofer  

Apply the waterproofer using a brush or a roller. The first coat must ensure that all the affected areas are fully covered, and thereafter wait for a few hours before applying the second and third coatings. 


Step 7 - Test the Effectiveness of Waterproofing Products  

You may have used the best waterproof paint for exterior walls or the best waterproof primer for exterior walls, but are you sure that they work their part well? Thus, it is important to conduct a water-tightness test to evaluate the effectiveness of the products used for exterior walls' waterproofing. All you need to do is spray water on the wall surface keeping the nozzle at a 30-degree angle and leave it for a couple of hours. Your house will pass the test only if the moisture meter reads “No Moisture”

  • Asian Paints SmartCare Range of Exterior Waterproofing Solutions to your Rescue!  

Being one of the leading exterior waterproofing companies, we value your trust, and the investment you make in our products. Hence we have carefully formulated our SmartCare waterproofing solutions for exterior walls, that are highly effective, and efficient. And below are some of our expert-recommended products for exterior wall waterproofing 


    SmartCare Damp Proof Ultra -

This product is formulated with PU hybrid polymers and acrylic fibers. Upon curing it forms a thick, and durable membrane, thus offering the ultimate waterproofing solution for your exterior walls.

  • SmartCare Damp Proof - 

  • This glass fiber-reinforced elastomeric liquid, offers the ultimate waterproofing solution for terrace and exterior walls, as it forms, a thick, and seamless membrane upon curing.
  • SmartCare Damp Sheath Exterior - 

This is the best waterproofing coating for exterior horizontal surfaces like parapets and terraces. It offers the best-in-class waterproofing solution as it can resist up to 5 bars of waterproofing pressure.


So what are you waiting for? Safeguard the structural longevity of your dream home by choosing Asian Paints SmartCare Waterproofing Solutions!


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