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Roof Paint: Tips to Choose the Best Roof Paint

The roof is the first part of the house that directly faces all the adverse environmental and weather conditions. The roof of the house is the direct point of contact for different environmental factors such as rainfall, sunlight, pollution-ridden winds, dust storms etc. Cool roof paint can help to safeguard your roof against weather conditions while also providing an aesthetic appeal to your home.

It is essential to select the right roof coating paint to increase the life of your roof and shield it against various possible damages. There are various roof paint options such as heat-resistant paint for the roof, roof sealant paint, rubberised roof paint, solar reflective paint, and much more. Here’s a look at how to select the best-suited roof paint for your house.

Decide the Purpose for Applying the Roof Paint


The best roof paint can be selected for your roof depending on the purpose that it is going to serve. There can be different reasons to paint your roof such as creating a fresh look due to the fading colour, selecting paint to reduce heat on the roof, sealing the roof surface by using waterproof roof coating, and much more. You can also select a cool roof paint to reduce or eliminate fungal growth from the roof tile paint. Knowing the right intention for painting your roof can help to select the suitable roof paint.



What Type of Roof Do You Want to Paint?


The type of roof built in your house will mainly decide the roof paint that needs to be used. There are different types of roof materials such as terracotta, concrete, rubber, or metal with different requirements while painting. A roof with terracotta or concrete tiles will require roof sealant paint, a rubber roofing will require rubberized roof paint, whereas a metal roof will require priming before the heat-resistant paint for the roof is applied.


Select the Right Paint Combination for Your Roof


The correct roof tile paint colour can give a pleasing and aesthetic look to the exterior part of your house. You can select a colour shade with all-in-one qualities such as dust-resistant roof paint, waterproof paint for the roof, and solar-reflective roof paint quality. The right shade of roof paint colour can complement the exterior walls of your house and provide a cohesive theme of colours.



How Long Does Roof Paint Application Last?


A quality paint application on the roof can last for 10-15 years depending upon different factors such as waterproof roof coating, paint to reduce heat on the roof, etc. Other factors include preparing the roof surface for painting, using high-quality paint, and the right paint application techniques. It is also important to follow the manufacturer's guide for products such as terrace cooling paint, waterproof paint for the roof, roof leak paint etc. There are factors such as preparation guide, temperature, drying time, and much more that need to be followed for a quality roof paint job.



Benefits of Painting Your Roof


Painting your roof with good quality paint can provide several benefits that will last the test of time. Here are some benefits of painting your roof with good quality paint.

·       The temperature is regulated by using a terrace-cooling paint

·       Roof paint is long-lasting which increases the life of the roof

·       Safeguards from moisture and water damage on using a roof leak paint

·       Increases the overall value of the property

·       Prevents the growth of various types of fungus on the roof

How can Asian Paints help you with choosing the best roof paint?


The Asian Paints Safe Painting Service is a one-stop solution for all your painting needs. The Asian Paints Safe Painting Service provides different facilities such as colour consultation, supervised painting, and trained professionals that will provide a clean and precise paint job. Asian Paints is a quality painting company that provides post-painting professional cleaning with deep sanitization and 1-year service product warranty.


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