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Wall Stickers: Decorative Wall Sticker Designs for Your Hom

Redesigning your home every time can be a challenging process since painting your walls or applying wallpaper consumes a lot of time and effort. Introducing wall sticker design ideas to your walls is the best way to add a refreshing look to your home without any hassle. There are several benefits of implementing wall decoration ideas with stickers to give a compelling and mesmerising look to your home.

A wall sticker design is the most convenient way to give an interesting design element to the walls of your home along with the existing paint colours. Wall sticker ideas can be easily implemented without much labour, time, and effort since wall stickers can be easily applied and removed. Wall sticker design ideas can also be easily changed as per your requirement giving you the choice to have a new and interesting look to your walls every time.

Here’s a look at different wall sticker design ideas to implement in your home for giving an enthralling look to your walls with ease.

Abstract Wall Sticker Design Ideas for Living Room

An abstract wall sticker design for the living room can provide an artistic and aesthetic appeal to your living room walls. Use abstract wall sticker ideas to create a feature wall in your living room design that can replace your artwork. Abstract wall sticker ideas can enhance the look of your monotonous living room walls thereby adding zest and uniqueness to them. You can also make use of accent light to further highlight your abstract wall sticker in your living room.

Flower & tree wall sticker ideas - Asian Paints

Flowers and Trees Wall Sticker Ideas for Bedroom

Create a soothing effect in your bedroom with an illusion of nature by using flowers and trees wall sticker design for the bedroom. Choose from either flowers or trees wall sticker ideas to create a refreshing wall stickers nature design in your bedroom. You can select a corner part of your bedroom wall and replace the indoor plants with any of the wall stickers nature design to add a lively element to your bedroom space.

Wall sticker ideas for kitchen - Asian Paints

Wall Sticker Design Ideas for Kitchen

Give a personalised look and feel to your kitchen design by choosing the right kitchen wall stickers. You can select various wall sticker ideas related to the kitchen space such as your favourite fruit, vegetable, cutlery, food item, and much more. You can change and experiment with different wall stickers decoration ideas for your kitchen space depending upon your choice of favourite food items every time.

Different Wall Stickers Decoration Ideas for Kids' Room

Kids require a vibrant and colourful space which is full of stimulating visual representations that can help in their overall development. There are a variety of wall stickers decoration ideas to transform your kid’s room into a fun and learning space. There are various design options to decorate your kid’s room which include animals, birds, nature, alphabets, cartoons, and butterfly wall sticker ideas. Using butterfly wall sticker ideas for your kid’s room will also provide a unique aesthetic look and feel.

3D wall sticker ideas for your home - Asian Paints

3D Wall Stickers Decoration Ideas for Your Appliances

3D wall decoration ideas stickers can create visual illusions to give an appealing and eccentric look to your walls. You can use the 3D wall decoration ideas with stickers for designing the walls on which your appliances will be mounted. Using 3D wall decoration ideas with stickers can help you to create peculiar yet appealing accent walls where you can mount your appliances.



Are Wall Stickers a good idea?

Yes. Wall stickers are a good idea for inexpensively decorating your walls with ease of application and removal. You can easily redesign your walls every time with the use of wall stickers since they can be easily removed without damaging the walls.


Can you put stickers on painted walls?

If your walls are freshly painted, then you need to wait for at least 4-6 weeks before applying wall stickers. You have to wait till the curing time of the freshly applied coat of paint is complete before you apply any wall sticker.


Can wall stickers be removed and reused?

Wall stickers can be removed from the walls by using proper removal procedures to safeguard the walls from damage. Certain wall stickers can also be reused to apply on a different surface if the wall stickers are removed carefully.

How can Asian Paints help you with choosing the best wall decoration ideas stickers for your home?

Visit the Asian Paints online shopping website to shop for innovative and attractive wall decoration ideas stickers for your living room walls. Asian Paints provides a wide variety of wall stickers that will give a creative and aesthetic appeal to the walls of your living room. Choose from a variety of wall sticker themes to appropriately design the walls of your living room.


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