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Wallpaper Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

The interior design of your house can display different aspects of your personality which can be represented through the design of various rooms. Every room of your house should make a statement by displaying a character of its own through the choice of an appropriate interior design. Introducing a wallpaper design in your living space can instantly add a sense of depth to your walls and enhance the wall colour scheme.

There are a variety of wallpaper design ideas that can be used to decorate every part of your house with a certain finesse. These different wallpaper design ideas can be implemented to create a sense of character and uniqueness in various parts of your house. Let’s take a look at various categories of home wallpaper ideas that you can select for every part of your house.

Geometric Theme Wallpaper for Living Room

A geometric theme wallpaper can create a sense of symmetry and orderliness in your living room design. Choose a preferred type of geometric design wallpaper for the living room to create appealing accent walls to create a mesmerising mood and feel. You can use geometric wallpaper design ideas to create separate utility spaces in your living room such as a coffee table, study desk, side table, sitting area, and much more.


Botanical Theme Bedroom Wallpaper Design for Creating a Rejuvenating Space

The bedroom design of your house should provide a serene environment where you can relax and reinvigorate for the next day. Using a bedroom wallpaper design with a botanical theme will create a sense of connection with nature while also providing a soothing and calm effect. One of the bedroom wallpaper ideas is to design the headboard wall of your bed with an appealing botanical wall painting paper design to create an enticing look in your bedroom space.


Abstract Theme Wallpaper for Dining Room

Abstract theme wallpapers consist of stimulating design patterns that can provide an enticing look to any wall. Select a suitable abstract wallpaper for the dining room such as the Silver Wind wallpaper pattern to design the wall where your dining table is placed. Abstract wallpaper design ideas can provide a contemporary look to your dining room with the use of bold and eye-catching patterns.

Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas with Plain Textures Theme

Give a breath of fresh air to your kitchen design by using a suitable plain textures theme kitchen wallpaper. A kitchen design can seem monotonous due to plain colours used for wall colours and modular kitchen panels. Using a stimulating wall painting paper design such as Textured Waves can add zest and liveliness to your kitchen walls while also highlighting the placement of your kitchen appliances.


Office Wallpaper Designs with a Damask Theme

Design your home office space with a rustic and regal mood by using a suitable damask wallpaper texture. Using a damask theme for office wallpaper designs can help you to create a vintage-era office space that displays a sense of royalty and elegance. Damask wallpaper design ideas can particularly complement traditional-looking wooden décor and furniture in your office space.

Striped Wallpaper Design for Bathroom

Most urban houses have compact bathroom spaces where the square foot area is not much of an asset to utilise for complex design elements. However, a striped wallpaper design for the bathroom can enhance the bathroom colour by highlighting the space available in the form of height. Striped wallpaper design ideas for a compact bathroom can give a distinguished look to your bathroom walls while making them look more spacious.


Pooja Room Wallpaper Design with a Traditional Theme

Using a traditional theme wallpaper is the perfect choice for creating a pooja room wallpaper design. A traditional wall painting paper design such as A Thousand Flowers can help to create a beautiful accent wall full of colours and vivid floral patterns to mount your home mandir. A traditional theme room decoration wallpaper can match the pious vibe while creating a serene place for your pooja room.

Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas with a Floral Theme

The ceiling space of any room presents a great opportunity for implementing innovative and creative home wallpaper ideas. Add a unique look and feel to your room by executing ceiling wallpaper ideas with a floral theme. Floral home wallpaper ideas for the ceiling can add a multi-dimensional view to any room, especially with the inclusion of a false ceiling design.




What colour wallpaper is best?

Light-coloured wallpapers are the best if you want your living space to look brighter, more open, and more spacious than usual. On the other hand, dark-coloured wallpapers are the best for designing rooms with larger surface areas which are more intimate and closed such as the bedroom.


How do I choose the right wallpaper for my house?

Choose the right wallpaper for your house by considering certain elements such as the lighting, furniture, décor, and flooring of the particular room. Select an appropriate wallpaper that will complement and enhance the look of these design elements.


Should you wallpaper one wall or the whole room?

You can wallpaper any one wall or the whole depending on the design you want to create in that particular room. Single home wallpaper ideas are suitable for creating bold and unique accent walls whereas putting wallpaper in the whole room will create a harmonious and symmetrical-looking design pattern.\


What wallpaper will make a small room look bigger?

Implementing light-coloured wallpaper can instantly make a small room look bigger and more spacious. Using striped wallpaper with vertical lines can also highlight the height of the room to make it look more open and spacious.

How Can Asian Paints Help you in Choosing the Best Room Decoration Wallpaper Ideas?

Choosing the right wallpaper according to the colour and decor of your room can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Asian Paints will provide the necessary consultation to answer all your questions and needs for applying the right wallpaper design to your living space walls. Select from a range of different wallpaper designs from Asian Paints shop to give an uplifting look to your living space walls.


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Wallpaper Design: Wallpaper Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

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