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What is Grouting: Types, Advantages, Application & Process

Everything You Need to Know About Grouting - The Ultimate Waterproofing Solution!

Waterproofing your home will not only ensure structural longevity but also keep its cosmetic appearance intact. There are a number of waterproofing solutions you can invest in. And one such solution is grouting material. Before you start wondering what is grout, let us tell you more about it! Grout is typically a fluid prepared from a mixture of sand, cement, water, or a liquid prepared from a mixture of chemical substances. However, to strengthen large areas like the core of concrete blocks gravel is also used in the concrete grouting procedure along with sand, cement, and water

Grouting material is used in a variety of ways to strengthen building structures during construction, such as pile foundations, ground anchors, road construction, etc. Apart from these, the grouting process is also used to overcome the water seepage issues into the roof and exterior walls of buildings, and to fix the tiles to floors, and walls.

In this article, we have provided a detailed guide on the grouting work, by highlighting the types of grouting, what is chemical grouting, various grouting methods, different types of grouting application, and more!

But First What is Grouting Process?

If you are wondering what is grout or grouting meaning in construction, this section will answer just that!

Grouting is the process of injecting dense fluid into cracks or holes to fill the gaps in structural works such as concrete, masonry, and other non-structural works such as tiling. So then what is grout? It is a mixture of the paster that contains cement, sand, chemical & a certain quantity of water which can be injected to seal the cracks or potholes. Foundation grouting is used to provide additional strength to a building's foundation and structure. So let us get a deeper understanding of grouting techniques and applications of grouting

What is grouting? - Asian Paints

So, What are the Different Types of Grouting?

If you wish to have a deeper understanding of grouting meaning in construction, this section will help with just that. In building construction, grouting material is prepared in different ways depending on the type of construction that needs to be grouted such as pile foundation, ground anchor, under reaming, dam construction, road construction, and waterproofing of the building, etc. And the following are the types of grouting.


Cement Grouting

This is typically used for high permeability land, for which the grout is prepared using water, sand, and cement. Cement grouting is used to provide greater stabilization and strengthen a wide variety of structures such as bridges, marine applications, and dams. The grout material is injected in liquid form with high pressure to fill the hole in a specified radius around the area.

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Chemical Grouting

This is a form of permeation grouting, whereby the grouting mix usually includes acrylamides, polyurethanes, acrylates, epoxy, and sodium silicates. This type of grouting is performed using two processes - one-shot process, and two-shot process!


Structural Grouting

If you are wondering what is grouting in construction, then structural grouting is the answer. This type of grouting is used to the gaps between concrete and rock structures and fill the voids between mined materials. Apart from this, it is also used to fill cracks in rocks and joints of rocks in underground tunnels


Resin Grouting

Traditional grouting is made of concrete grout made from cement, and water. Although it has good waterproofing properties, it may not be the ideal solution. Hence an epoxy-based grout on the other hand, is made of epoxy resins combined with a filler powder to provide the ultimate waterproofing solution.

Pro tip - Asian Paint’s SmartCare Tile Grout (Epoxy based) is specially formulated for use in the application of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and stone joints where a hygienic and sterile condition is expected.

Advantage of Grouting Application

Now that you have learnt the most popular types of grouting application, it is time to browse through some of the advantages  -

1) Grouting can be done on any ground/land condition

2) Grouting work in building structures does not involve any sort of vibrations, or it can be controlled if any, so there is no possibility of deformation of the structures.

3) Foundation grouting can improve the structure of the site.

4) It is very useful for slab jacking, that is, levelling, or lifting of deformed structures.

5) Grouting techniques are useful in filling the cracks in the walls, and pillars

What are the Different Applications of Grouting

The different types of grouting applications include the following – 

1)  Grouting can be used to repair machine foundations, base plates, load-bearing, and pillar joints in precast constructions.

2) Grouting is used to fill voids, gaps, and cracks in concrete structures.

3) It is used for repairing footpaths and the ground below the foundations.

4) It is used to correct defects in masonry and repair cracks in concrete.

5) It is used in soil stabilization.

6) It is used to control water leakage in structures.

7) It is used to repair difficult geotechnical and structural problems

Step-by-Step Guide to Grouting Process

Here is a step-by-step guide to the grouting process - 


Step 1 - Mixing of Grout Materials

Take the required quantity of water in a drum, add the grout material in it, and mix it thoroughly. Mixing of the grout materials can be done mechanically using an electric drill at a low speed.


Step 2 - Surface Preparation

Prepare the surface where the grouting work will take place, by cleaning it thoroughly with a high-pressure jet or blast cleaning. In order to ensure a saturated surface during the process, the concrete surface must be pre-soaked with water.


Step 3 - Application Process

The application must be done by following the below steps –

1) Immediately pour the grout mixture on the prepared surface. Ensure that the air replaced by grout can easily escape otherwise the air bubbles trapped in the grout will hamper a firm grip on the grouting surface.

2) During grouting of wet porous surfaces in dry conditions, ensure that constant and sufficient pressure is maintained to keep the grout flowing at all times.

3) In order to ensure that the grout is evenly spread, use a grout mixture to pour the grout as quickly as possible, preferably within a maximum of 15 minutes.

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1. What is the purpose of grouting?

The purpose of grouting is either to strengthen a structural formation or to reduce water flow through it. Grouting is also used to correct faults in concrete and masonry structures, by filling the gaps, cracks, and voids.

2. What is concrete grout?

Concrete grout also known as cement grout is a combination of cement and water. The concrete grouting procedure is used in layers between or around concrete and structures to evenly disperse the weight of the structure to the concrete. The mixture is often applied to bases, bearing plates and steel frames.

3. What is grouting in construction process?

Grouting in construction process is the method of using a grout mixture to repair cracks in concrete, fill gaps in tiles, seal joints and stabilize the soil, etc. The grouting process is used to provide enhanced strength to a building's foundation and structure

How can Asian Paints Help You with Grouting Work?

We hope this detailed guide on what is grout has helped you make an informed decision.

So if you are looking for reliable, and expert waterproofing and grouting solutions, we have got you covered!  At Asian Paints, we have a team of experts who undertake grouting work through the range of our SmartCare waterproofing solutions. Our grouting products are effective and highly reliable, and the best investment you will make for your dream home!


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