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Which Type of Paint is Best for Interior Walls

Are you looking to transform the interior design of your house by providing a refreshing look to your interior walls? Then you must have the question in your mind about which paint is best for interior walls. It is essential to select the right type of paint for interior walls to create the desired look and feel in your house. In this article, we are going to look at different types of interior paint to help you select the best type of paint for interior walls.

Distemper Paint -

Distemper paint, also known as cement paint or whitewash, is the oldest type of paint for interior walls. If you want to create a vintage era look with your home interior colour, then distemper paint is the best type of paint for interior walls. You can create a rustic-looking feature wall in your house with distemper paint to add a unique vintage and nostalgic feel to your interior.

Classy & good paint for interior walls - Asian Paints

Emulsion Paint - 

One of the most popular choices of paint in India for interior walls is emulsion paint which is a water-based paint. Emulsion paint provides a durable finish, and it is easier to maintain making it the best washable paint for interior walls in India. This paint can be considered the best interior paint in India since it does not emit fumes and is low on VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It also comes with a wide variety of wall finishes, rich texture and strong colour retention ability.

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Enamel Paint - 

If you are searching for which paint is best for home spaces with high moisture content and humidity, then enamel paint is your choice for home painting. Enamel paint is the best interior paint in India for spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom. This paint is highly durable while being water-resistant and stain-resistant which is perfect to cover metallic and wooden surfaces. This paint also provides a glossy finish with good colour retention.

Elegant & good paint for interior walls - Asian Paints

Lustre Paint –

If you wish to elevate and transform the look of your house with good interior paint, then lustre paint is the best interior paint in India. This paint will provide a beautiful sheen to your interior walls that will last for a long time. One of the popular types of Asian paints for interior walls is the Asian Paints Royale Shyne which is meant to last longer than the standard paint. If you ever think about which paint is best for wall painting, then you should choose Asian Paints Royale Shyne which provides a rich and radiant wall finish.

Textured Paint –

Textured paint is a good interior paint to add depth and dimension to any monotonous interior wall setting. You can create a beautiful accent wall with the texture of your choice to give a realistic and lively look to your interior walls. Among different types of interior paint, texture paint is the most useful to hide any damage or unevenness of your interior walls.

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Metallic Paint –

If you ever wondered which paint is best for interior walls to give the feel of wallpaper, then metallic paint is the answer to your question. Metallic paint contains tiny metal particles in it which help to give a magnificent look to any interior wall. This paint is also suitable to paint wooden and metallic surfaces to give them a refreshing look. To make your home decor even more stunning, consider experimenting with different wall painting designs.

Magnificent & good paint for interior walls - Asian Paints


How to Choose the Best Type of Paint for Interior Walls

- Decide a basic framework of design for your interior walls by selecting to colour the entire space or create an accent wall.

- Know the requirements of the space which you are going to paint such as whether it requires, rust-resistant, stain-resistant, or water-resistant type of paint.

- Choose the primary colour which you want to incorporate into your interior walls and then decide on the shade according to your liking.

- Check the lighting of your room before selecting the colour as lighting can change the way we perceive colours.

- Refer to sample colours and how they look on walls before selecting your choice of colours.

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