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Tiling is a great option to consider to enhance a space due the wide variety of designs available, their durability, and easy maintenance. And of the numerous options available, glass mosaic tiles are considered to be one of the finest for their craftsmanship and ability to turn a space around in no time. You can find them at the bottom of pools too, creating a stunning and sparkling design. They’re hygienic, easy-to-clean and less likely to be damaged by any chemicals, making it the perfect tiling option for a pool. 

Typically, glass tiles are made from thin pieces of glass with translucent glaze fired on the back of each tile, and they are sold individually and in pre-set mosaic patterns set on a mesh backing. Since they are tiny compared to traditional tiles, they literally fit as individual pieces of a puzzle, and can be customised to any part of the home for use in the kitchen, bath, or as accent walls etc.

Glass tiles, with its mirror-like shine and wide array of colours gives homes a more modern, contemporary appeal. And because of its ability to reflect light, it also makes rooms appear brighter  and more spacious.


2. Easy maintenance

Easy maintaining mosaic tiles for bathroom � Asian Paints

Grease and stains are easy to wipe off glass mosaic tiles as they only require soap and water or an all-purpose cleaner. Also, glass surfaces make it difficult for mold and fungus to grow and thrive.


3. Environment-friendly

Glass mosaic tiles for your home design � Asian Paints

Glass mosaic tiles are mostly made of recycled glass materials, and they consume only half the energy required to produce, when compared to ceramic or other types of tiles.

Adhesives used for glass mosaic installation 


Adhesives with high bonding strength are necessary for installation of glass mosaic tiles due to the delicate nature of the glass, and the manner in which they are manufactured. The adhesive should not be too harsh or the glass might lose its shine.

Also, glass tiles in general are translucent, and you don’t want adhesives to be visible through these tiles or the pieces to be assembled unevenly. It is preferable to get expert help for a professional look and finish.

Asian paints smartcare white multipurpose tile adhesive � Asian Paints

Asian Paints SmartCare White Multipurpose Tile Adhesive is the solution for all your glass mosaic tile installation projects - it is custom formulated for glass mosaic tile setting, provides a strong bond with the tile, and its muted appearance helps to enhance the look of the mosaic pattern.

Features of Asian Paints SmartCare White Multipurpose Tile Adhesive


  1. It is a single component white cement-based tile adhesive that is ready to use and easy to apply.
  2. Can be used for interior and exterior tile setting
  3. It is a polymer modified adhesive that is reinforced with microfibers, which means it has high bonding properties and high mechanical strength. They have great water-resistance characteristics too.
  4. The adhesive has low shrinkage properties and greater flexibility for accommodating thermal and physical fluctuations.
  5. Can also be used for setting natural stone, marble, and granite on horizontal surfaces and all surfaces are ready to use 24 hours post application

You can also check out our tile waterproofing services. 

So, if you’re thinking of making a big impact with small tweaks around the home this season, glass mosaic tiling may just be the answer. Get in touch with an Asian Paints expert to learn more about how to make your glass tiling project a reality.


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25 NOV 2022

Why Glass Mosaic Tiling Is Easier With Asian Paints’ White Multipurpose Adhesive