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Tile Adhesive

Why Tile Adhesives Are Your Best Bet For Long-Lasting Tiling Work  


If you’re looking to upgrade the aesthetics of your home, tiling is an effective way to achieve that. Durable, stain-resistant, and visually pleasing, tiling guarantees resilient floors for years to come. Granite, marble, ceramic, glass, porcelain, vitrified, or stone - the choice, type, and design of tiles are endless. But how do you ensure the longevity and strength of your tiled floors? That's where the methods of tile setting come in.  

Traditional methods of tiling mandate a cement and sand slurry be used to install water-soaked tiles. This cement mixture is often prone to shrinkage, creating a gap underneath the tiles after installation, thereby leading to uneven wall and floor surfaces. Gaps can also form between the tile and floors when the cement mixture collapses under the tile, making the latter shaky to step on. And if you were to use heavy furniture over wobbly tiles, it can lead to cracking or breakage. The gaps that develop from tile cracks and breakage can also serve as open entries for water to seep into underlying areas, thereby compromising the structural integrity of the entire home.

Chipped tile for lack of waterproofing - Asian Paints

In addition, cracks in tiles can also serve as access points for ants and insects, creating pest colonies and damaging the house's structure. Not just that, the traditional cement-setting method is often more labor-intensive, and time-consuming, and is considered to be the more ineffective option. 

Modern Adhesive-Based Tiling

Modern adhesive tiling for cement mixture - Asian Paints

The more modern tiling method involves fixing with a paste made from tile adhesives and water, and it can be done without having to soak the tiles first. Additionally, Tile Adhesives are cement-based polymer-modified adhesives that help keep the tiles intact for long.


●      Simply mix the tile adhesive with water to begin the tile installation process. No need to pre-soak the tiles in water for days and the tiles are set faster using this method as well. 

●      Unlike cement, tile adhesives do not shrink after they dry. Therefore, the bonding between the tile and the floor is strong, without any chances of weak spots or collapsing even after regular and strenuous usage. 

●      The tile adhesive is a fine paste that can be layered to form a consistent and firm base on the tile, leading to more even surfaces, with no cracks or chipping. 

●      When fixing with tile adhesives, you can also be sure that the strong bond between the tiles and floor will not allow for cracks that can lead to water infiltration. 

●      When fixing tiles with tile adhesive, you are less likely to damage them with heavy furniture or high foot traffic.  

Asian Paints Tile Adhesives Range


The Asian Paints Tile Adhesives are a complete package for your tiling project. Our distinct range of products works for every tiling need, and below are just some of the adhesives that you could choose from. Tile Waterproofing Product & Waterproofing Solutions - Asian Paints

●  Asian Paints SmartCare Tile Adhesive For Normal Application


●   Asian Paints SmartCare Tile Adhesive For Tile-on-Tile Application 


●  Asian Paints SmartCare Ezy White Tile Adhesive 

SmartCare Ezy White Tile Adhesive - Asian Paints

●  Asian Paints SmartCare White Multipurpose Tile Adhesive

SmartCare White Multipurpose Tile Adhesives - Asian Paints

●  Asian Paints SmartCare Stone Tile Adhesive


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