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Protect Your Home from Water Damage with Waterproof Coating

How do you feel when your dream home, made out of your hard-earned money, just withers away, only because it could stand the test of time? Sounds like a terrible nightmare already! So if you do not want this nightmare to turn into a reality, you need to take waterproofing your home seriously. And waterproof coatings are one of the best ways to keep water from getting into your home.  

Keeping moisture, and water out of your home is a critical part of the construction process. Because if the water leaks through the cracks, and enters your home, it can cause havoc, in terms of structural damage, and ruining the cosmetic appearance of your dream abode. The waterproofing coating covers the masonry of your home, with a transparent waterproofing coating substance, that stops the water from getting inside your structure. These water-repellent coatings are hydrophobic towards droplets of water, giving your home the ultimate protection. 

The waterproof coating comes in a number of types such as acrylic waterproofing coating, chemical coating waterproofing, bitumen coating waterproofing, and so on. Moreover, for each of your surfaces, there is water proof coating solution. For instance - there is a waterproof coating for terrace, a waterproof coating for wall, a transparent waterproof coating for tiles, and so on. 

So keep reading further, as in this article we have highlighted the need for water proofing coating, and the smart solutions you can invest in!

Why is Waterproofing Coating Important For the Home?

Now that you know what waterproof coating is, it is time to dive deeper and help you understand the importance of waterproof coatings for your home -


1. Strengthens the structural integrity of your home

The structural strength comes from many different components used for constructing your home. The foundation, basement, walls, and rooftops, form the most critical part of your entire structure. But these critical components are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions, and also prone to underground seepage. This moisture retention, or water seepage, can in turn damage the structural integrity of your home. Hence, the transparent waterproofing coating will effectively prevent cracks and thus avoid damage due to seepage and pressure. 

Pro Tip :- Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Sheath Exterior is a waterproof coating for terrace, and exterior surfaces, and is the best waterproof coating for metal roof, offering 3 bars of positive waterproofing pressure, and superior crack-bridging ability!


2. Protection from germs

Bacteria and germs can proliferate on damaged and humid surfaces. And this can cause potential health threats to people living inside the house, as it can cause infection and diseases. However, waterproof coatings can effectively reduce the growth of mould and germs.

Pro-tip :- Asian Paints SmartCare Hydroloc, is a prevalent waterproof coating for wall and other interior surfaces. It provides assured protection against dampness and efflorescence, providing consumers with leakage-free homes.


3. Lets your paint last longer

Adding a waterproofing coating to painted walls will ensure they are not damaged by internal or external problems. Interior waterproofing is particularly important for rooms that are exposed to high levels of moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens, as it prevents water from seeping into the walls and causing damage over time. The walls get easier to clean and maintain and remain completely unaffected by germs and bacteria. 

Waterproof tapes for sealing cracks – Asian Paints

Asian Paints SmartCare Solutions - Waterproofing Coatings for Your Home!

Let us discover some of the best waterproofing solutions for your home. Be transparent waterproof coating for tiles, acrylic waterproofing coating, chemical coating waterproofing, or waterproof coating for plywood, at Asian Paints, we have got every solution!

SmartCare Damp Proof for terraces

This glass-fibre reinforced elastomeric waterproof coating for terrace, upon curing, forms a thick, seamless, durable membrane offering ultimate waterproofing.

SmartCare Epoxy Tri Block for tanks

This is an epoxy c waterproofing coating of cementitious water-retaining structures such as water tanks. It is the best waterproofing coating for water tank. It is food-grade certified making it fit to be used as a waterproofing coating for water tank

SmartCare Tile Coat for tiles as a transparent coating

This is a single-component, ready-to-use, UV-stable, transparent waterproof coating for tiles offering superior crack bridging abilities, and strong adhesion.

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At Asian Paints, our Beautiful Home Services experts are here to not only help you upgrade the cosmetic appearance, but also ensure the structural integrity of your home through our SmartCare waterproofing solutions range. Our experts will not only help identify the water seepage problems but also provide an effective solution! So book your appointment today!


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