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Torino Travertine Stone

An antique look carries a great deal of character. Give your walls personality with Ultima Allura Torino. Imported from Italy and made with selected marble chips, it is a water-based product with a textured finish.




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₹ 150

Before finalising any shade or pattern order a Swatch (12” X 12 “) of the actual painted surface from us. Each Swatch can be peeled and stuck to your wall and will help you visualize the actual colour under different lighting conditions.

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How much area does the product cover?

The product covers 0.3-0.4 square metre per kilo gram for 2 coats of texture.

Can we use a thinner to dilute the texture?

We do not recommend using a thinner since no dilution is required in the texture.

What is the film thickness of Allura Torino?

The film thickness for Allura Torino texture is in the range of 0.5 to 1mm.

What is the application procedure for this texture?

Before painting you need to first, clean the surface properly to remove dirt, chalk, dust and particles of previous paint. This can be done by scraping your walls with a wire brush and cleaning with water. We recommend that you allow freshly plastered surfaces to cure properly with water for at least 4 weeks before painting. With regards to the painting procedure, below are the steps to be followed:

1) Apply Asian Paints Wall Putty (optional). Mix water in the Putty based on your requirement to form a paste. Allow the surface to dry for 4 hours.

2) Apply Exterior Wall Primer by mixing 900 - 1100 ml. of water. If using a spray, you need to mix 400 - 450 ml. of water. Allow surface to dry for 4 hours. (Application of primer is mandatory in case of re-painting. Horizontal surfaces like top of windows or ledges should be painted with 3 coats of Apex Ultima for greater protection).

3) Apply 1st coat of Allura Torino using steel trowel as a base coat. Apply the 2nd coat using a steel trowel and create the desired pattern. After application, allow the surface to dry for 12 - 16 hours.

4) Lastly, apply 2 - 3 coats of Asian Paints Apex Ultima/Apex Tile Guard. You can apply this with a brush/roller/colourwash sponge by mixing 400 ml of water. Allow the surface to dry for 4 - 6 hours.