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Ador home furnishings - Asian Paints


The shift from spring summer to festive autumn is a treat to the senses with the budding of seasonal flowers, accompanied with the sweet scent and lightness in the air which welcomes the many festivities around the corner. With the outsides, so cheerful and spirited, why keep the insides dull and drab. Every choice in this collection promises to turn your interiors into a statement!

Sabyasachi for Nilaya home furnishings - Asian Paints

Sabyasachi For Nilaya

Sabyasachi’s foray into the World of Furnishing in collaboration with Asian Paints, is brought to life by 5 Unique Collections - Thar, Makhmal, Soofa, Hazaribagh and Chowk. Each one of them celebrates the beauty of classical hand-painted by artists from the Sabyasachi Art Foundation. They find expression through traditional patterns and a distinctive palette of colours.

Pure fine fabrics with Asian Paints royale furnishings - Asian Paints

Pure Fine Fabrics

Focusing on authenticity, quality and craftsmanship we produce unique collections that are as true to form as function-in collaboration with Pure Fine Fabrics. Each design is made to add a touch of elegance to your space. The collections- Origins, Arjuna, Tattva, Nehtaya and Ikigai are testimonies to the brand’s understanding of indigenous aesthetics reflected through the wide range of weaves and embroideries.

The pure concept for Nilaya home furnishing - Asian Paints

The Pure Concept

Our collaboration with The Pure Concept has been nurtured into an internationally renowned name with quality and creativity at its core. The four collections - Yukta, Purity, Concept Essentials III and Concept Essentials V reflect the brand's vision for contemporary interiors. These collections are inspired by the finesse of traditional Indian Crafts and their interpretation which has a timeless appeal in the ever-evolving modern taste.

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