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Wall colour combinations for kidsroom



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Kids room wall decor ideas

Let’s face it: Creativity is a must when it comes to designing your toddler’s room, and the right wall décor ideas will work wonders while creating a space that is youthful and fun. But hey, we also know that designing the best kids room wall decor, of course, comes with challenges. 

The best way to overcome these challenges is by experimenting with fun wall décor, paints, wallpapers, or even wall storage to decorate your kid's room. You can even go all out to please your little one with prints, use bunnies, bees, or alphabets and then slowly move forward to popular toons, Disney princes and princesses, racing cars, and all-time superheroes. 

Don’t shy away from choosing a fantastic range of kid’s room wall designs and themes to enhance the interiors and create a joyful space in your child’s bedroom. 

Kids room wall design ideas

​​​Think like a kid to please a kid!

From wide-eyed toons on wallpapers to bright and happy textures, kids’ room walls need to be at par with their dreams and fantasies and as infinite as their thoughts. Get your little one involved in this design process and enjoy a family bonding exercise where you brainstorm, handpick colours and visualise together. Is it that simple? Yes! If you have the right colors, textures and theme in mind, then you’re on the road to sweet success! 

Worry not, we are here to guide you through the process of choosing textures and childrens’ room wall paintings seamlessly while ensuring it all adds up to fun times and a good nights’ sleep. Thank us later!

1. Childrens’ room wall painting ideas

From bright yellow hues to glistening turquoise blue, children’s’ room wall painting ideas are limitless. But, before you hop into painting your child’s room, let’s understand the kind of  impact different colours have on your kids’ mood. One great colour idea that has a positive effect on your child is blue. It is said to be a soothing, peaceful hue that promotes happiness and instils calmness within children. 

Another colour option is yellow. It is a neutral shade that can bring in energy for toddlers and kids below the age of five.

2. Wall texture design ideas for children

Apart from children's room wall paintings, you can design your kid’s room with fun textures like stripes, motifs, and flowers. You can also try experimenting with sea creatures, imprints, stamps, or anything quirky that inspires your kids and matches the overall fun-filled theme. 

3. Wallpaper design ideas for children’s room

Cartoon characters like Chhota Bheema or Avengers are a hit among children. So, here’s your cue. Bring these characters to life by installing your kid’s favourite cartoon-themed wallpapers in their rooms. You can also try incorporating thematic wall murals like florals, geometric designs, and space motifs to add a fun and quirky element to your child’s room if they love underwater creatures, colours, or even the Milky Way! Choose the best wall stickers or wallpapers that also match with your kids study room colour combinations.

4. Kids room wall sticker design ideas 

Let wall stickers accentuate your child’s room and add a joyous charm to it. Try adding unique space-themed, jungle-themed, or aqua-themed wall stickers to relevant shades of navy blue, green and sea green/blue that can transform your kids’ room into their dreams. Decals and stickers are great for kid’s room wall designs because they’re affordable, easy to apply and durable for kids rooms, so you know just what to do next. You can also apply these wallpaper to your kids bathroom for giving an aesthetic look and that matches the bathroom colour combination.

Best kids room colors for walls

Kids understand colours way better than we do! From the colour of the sky to the shades of the sea, they can visualise it all.

Due to their strong sense of visualisation, choosing the right kids' room colors is important. However, before getting into it, it is a must to keep certain factors in mind like the room layout, lighting, Vastu and your kid’s preferences.

To help you narrow down kid’s colour room ideas, we are here to provide you with our expert take ranging from the best kid’s room colour combinations, best color for children’s room vastu to the benefits of choosing kids room paint colours from Asian Paints.

How do I start designing a kids room wall?

It’s simple! To begin with, analyse the room layout and understand your kids’ likes and dislikes. Once that is done, begin with choosing a colour palette, a theme and create a visual for the child's room. Look for matching kids room wall décor to accentuate the walls. Sit and brainstorm together with your kid on children's room wall painting ideas. If you’re not satisfied with the ideas, get in touch with expert designers to explain your vision to them. 

What is the best paint for walls when you have kids?

Satin finish is one of the most preferred kids’ room wall painting ideas since they’re easy to wash, are stain resistant and durable while concealing wall imperfections. However, designers and painters generally prefer modern emulsion paints since they’re eco-friendly and easily washable, making it child-proof. 

Can you have white walls with kids?

Yes, you can have white walls with kids when you’re using emulsion paints and have a strong semi-gloss finish. This is simply because a strong and durable finish protects the white paint from dust, stain, and makes it easily washable. So, even if your child has doodled all over the plain white wall, you can easily wash it off.

What are the latest kidsroom colour ideas?

Let’s navigate through the latest kid’s room colour ideas ranging from vibrant schemes, thematic combinations to monochromatic hues.

We have put together an inspiring list of the best children’s room colour combinations that will most definitely uplift their mood, increase focus, instil positivity, and bring in joy, of course! 

1.    Popular Room Colors for Girls: Pink is a classic colour that represents a young girl’s energy and innocence and is used to create inspiring and fun kid’s bedroom colour schemes for girls.

Besides pink, another popular room colour for girls is purple that can be paired with any lighter shade. You can also go with pastel palettes and neutral hues.

Pro-tip: For younger girls, use murals, stickers, motifs, and butterfly patterns.

2.    Kids Room Colors for Boys: Popular kid’s room colours for boys range from muted shades of grey, green, and charcoal to vibrant reds and yellows. You can also opt for evergreen kid’s bedroom colour combinations like blue-grey, red-yellow, pastels, or yellow-orange. Try adding decor and furnishings to customise the space. Gain brownie points from your little one by adding murals, motifs, or decals of their choice!

3.    Gender-Neutral Kids Room Colors: The best gender-neutral colour for a kid’s room would be blue or orange. You can use a classic kid’s room colour combination that can be paired with a vibrant accent colour like red, pink, purple, yellow, or white. Use white as the base colour and add a colourful artwork, decor, furniture, and upholstery to it. Also,  a gender-neutral colour theme like a sea theme, jungle theme, or mystical theme sounds work wonders for your kid’s room.


What is the best colour for children's room according to Vastu?

It is believed that a room built following the vastu principles brings energy, and positivity. Hence, it is important to consider it while designing your kid’s room.

Listed down below are the vastu-centric kid’s room paint colors that will spread happiness and bring in good luck for them:

●       Kid’s room colour combinations like blue and white, yellow and white, and more radiate good energy and positivity.

●       As per vastu, the best kid’s bedroom colour schemes are pink, blue, green, yellow, and even white.

●       Purple is a common room colour for girls but can be used for both genders as it spreads positivity and promotes sound sleep.

●       The best color for a kid's room to improve focus and  concentration is green.

Why choose Asian Paints for kids room paint colors?

Asian Paints has a wide variety of kid’s room colour ideas, children’s room colour combinations, and inspiring wall textures that can match your child’s imagination, dreams, and creativity.

Here are the five strong reasons why you must choose Asian Paints while designing your kid’s room:

●       Limitless options: Handpick a theme from Asian Paints’ Kids World and enjoy limitless possibilities in the kid’s range for ceilings, stickers, and wallpapers

●       Official Toon Merchandise: Choose from a wide range of toon-themed wallpapers and fun-filled themed stickers that can accentuate painted walls

●       Wall Designs: Choose inspiring and edgy textures for teenagers and older kids. Explore variety of wall colour combinations for bedroom for your home & your kids room colour inspiration.

What is the best color to paint a child's room?

Overall, when it comes to colour psychology, child growth and positive qualities, blue is the ideal color for a kid's room as it improves their concentration, behaviour, and mood. For younger kids who have just begun their schooling, green is the right choice. 

What are popular colors for kids?

For small children in preschool, kid’ s room wall colors like red, orange, yellow, blue, and pink are recommended. For older children, colours like blue, purple, grey, off-white, and green are recommended.

What colour is most calming for kids?

Always opt for non-stimulating and non-aggravating colours in childrens’ rooms. Blue is the most calming colour for kids. It makes their room appear spacious, calm, relaxing like the ocean or the vast sky. It also works best on children that are overactive and hyper-energetic.

You can also try other children’s room colours like pink, green, blue, orange, or yellow.

What colour makes kids happy?

When it comes to one single colour, yellow is said to represent the sun, happiness, and all things bright for children. Along with yellow, orange is another colour that spreads positivity, brightness, and youthfulness. As per colour psychology, vibrant colours like yellow, red, pink, orange, green, and blue make children happy.

What colours stimulate a child's brain?

For kids between the age of 1-2 years, red, pink, and yellow stimulate cognitive development. Colours like yellow, orange, green, blue, orange, pink, and red improve learning and studying among children.