Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are inclusive of our communities through a range of social interventions, enhancing skills and building social infrastructure to improve their quality of life.

While our CSR approach focuses on the development of communities around the vicinity of our plants, we have also developed innovative programs that leverage our capabilities as a paint manufacturer and home improvement service provider to enhance livelihoods of underserved communities through vocational training and skills development

CSR Focus Areas and Initiatives

Our CSR Policy focuses on four thrust areas

  • Education
  • Skills Development
  • Healthcare/Hygiene and
  • Water Management



Asian Paints recognizes the importance of education as a powerful means to reduce poverty and social inequality and hence this is a key impact area in our growing CSR practice. We are committed to promoting access to quality education particularly for disadvantaged communities that are located around our facilities.

Our interventions include:

  • Adoption and Infrastructure Development of Schools 
    • Upgradation of school building
    • Providing Chairs, Benches  and other classroom aids
    • Setting up libraries and science laboratories
  • Enrolling students and community leaders on the importance of education
  • Provision of Educational Resources to Students in the form of 
    • Training on computer usage
    • Coaching assistance for Competitive Examinations
    • Training girls in Self-Defense Techniques
    • Workshops to enhance Soft Skills
  • Scholarships for Higher Education

Our educational programs are implemented through our project partners and are aimed at supporting every stage of a child’s educational cycle and preparing him to move from childhood to livelihood.

Skills Development - Vocational Training

In keeping with national developmental goals on skills development, Asian Paints is committed to providing vocational training to improve skills in the unorganized sector. We aspire to provide vocational and skill based training to painters, applicators, carpenters and workers, to enhance their employability and improve their livelihoods.

The Asian Paints Colour Academy - Transforming the trade & lives - everyday.

  • Focus on Skilling & vocational
  • Technical knowledge distribution
  • Productivity & Livelihood Enhancement
  • Provide Recognition, respect

The Asian Paints Colour Academy is equipped with modern facilities like fully equipped classroom with modern A/v facilities, clean and fully equipped modern workshops for hands on trainings, inspiration area & contractor resource centre in order to continually upskill existing painters into specialists.                                               

The Academy also provides vocational training to unskilled youth on basic and specialized painting techniques to enable them to earn a decent living. The Colour Academy operates in 3 formats:

  • Fixed Colour Academy at Mumbai, Delhi – West, Delhi – East, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Cochin & Gorakhpur
  • Mobile Colour Academy at Kerala & South TN, Punjab & Chandigarh, Rest of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, North East, Bihar & Jharkhand, Gujarat & West MP, East UP & East MP & Chhattisgarh, Rest of Karnataka, Coastal AP & Odisha.
  • Hypermobile (earlier known as ‘Royale Play trainer’)

Asian Paints has partnered with the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) to strengthen the delivery of this program to both unskilled and semi-skilled individuals. While Asian Paints provides technical know-how, prepare training content and deliver training modules, NSDC monitors, evaluates and certifies participants who complete the training program. On successful completion, participants are awarded an NSDC certification based on National Occupation Standards set by NSDC’s Construction Sector Skills Council. Painter training is structured professionally and includes a mix of theoretical, practical demonstration and hands-on learning with a regular schedule of assessment to track progress. All courses delivered are aligned to NSDC’s National Occupational Standards certification. All courses are certified by the Govt. of India. The contractors can undergo advanced trainings at a later stage in their city. Asian Paints has till now given NSDC certifications to 9000 painters/contractors.                                                  

Colour Academy is now transforming itself into a pure vocational training setup delivered through a collection of modules – which together enhance specific skills. This will equip individuals with self-employable skills or develop specialist skills to provide additional painting and allied services. Going forward we plan to further expand the scope of this project.


Healthcare and Hygiene

With a growing population, sanitation and healthcare have become central to India’s development agenda. By directing resources towards access to healthcare, better sanitation facilities and hygiene, we look to support interventions that include :

  • Primary Healthcare Support
  • Free Medical Camps for Rural Communities
  • Setting up of Rehabilitation Centres
  • Development of Hospital Labs
  • Provision of Mobile Medical Units and Ambulances
  • Implementing Sanitation Projects
  • Awareness programs for communities on Health and Hygiene
  • Ongoing program ‘Safar’ improves Health and Awareness among truck drivers
  • Providing access to Safe Drinking Water

Healthcare support through Localized Medical Camps

Rural communities residing around our plants lack access to basic healthcare facilities. We provide healthcare support through periodic medical check-ups and diagnosis camps that are facilitated by specialists and trained doctors. Patients who require further medical care and treatment are referred to local hospitals.

All expenses related to medical camps or treatment charges at the hospital are borne by Asian Paints and employees actively volunteer and participate in organizing the medical camps by campaigning for the program, coordinating with project partners and helping with logistics.

Providing and Improving Sanitation Facilities

For the underserved communities around our plants, we have partnered with local organizations to help build toilets and improve sanitary conditions. By identifying homes through the Panchayat head, and requests from under privileged families, we support the project and are directly involved in its structuring, location selection, customization, execution and awareness building sessions to educate beneficiaries on proper maintenance. The toilets are designed to promote hygiene as they require minimal maintenance and have leach pits to convert domestic waste into manure.


Water Conservation

Livelihoods, food security and local socio-economic development are linked to the availability of adequate amounts of clean water. In the Indian context, the problem of water scarcity is further complicated by population growth, urbanization and industrialization. We believe it is our responsibility to judiciously use and help conserve this precious resource. Our approach includes providing support and infrastructure at each stage of water conservation, water preservation, water re-charge and waste water treatment.

Water is a critical input in our manufacturing process. We are conscious of our dependence on water and have strived to optimize our water consumption by implementing a range of water conservation projects, waste water treatment, reusing process water and water recharging initiatives at all of our manufacturing facilities.

Our key interventions include:

  • Awareness on water conservation in schools and nearby villages
  • Installation of roof top rainwater harvesting and recharge systems in village communities and schools
  • Promoting integrated watershed development in areas around manufacturing locations
  • Water recharge through de-silting of lakes.


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Quality Policy

  • We shall comply with all statutory and other applicable requirements.
  • We shall provide products and services that meet stated standards on time, every time.
  • We shall continually improve our processes to understand changing stakeholder needs and preferences including statutory changes and use the same as input for periodically reviewing and revising performance standards of our products and services.
  • We accept Zero Defect as a quality absolute, and shall design and operate our quality system accordingly.
  • We shall organize our work practices to do a job right the first time, every time.
  • We are committed to continual improvement in quality in all business processes and shall track such improvement through measurable indicators.

Managing Director & CEO 
25th January 2019


Environment, Health & Safety Policy

Asian Paints is committed to manage its operations including deployment of resources using principles of sustainable development to minimize impact on environment and protect health & safety of our employees, service providers, neighboring communities and customers.

  • We shall comply with all statutory requirements.  We consider compliance to statutory EHS requirements as the minimum performance standard and are committed to go beyond and adopt stricter standards.  We shall annually publish our EHS performance to all stakeholders.
  • We shall source our materials and products from vendors that comply with the child labor laws and other statutory regulations.
  • We shall continually improve our products with an intention to improve their environmental & safety footprint.  We shall educate customers on safe use of our products.
  • We are committed to protecting the environment by:
    • Adhering to highest operational standards for handling hazardous materials
    • Preventing Pollution & leveraging the 3R (Reduction, Recycle, Reuse) Principle and moving towards Zero Industrial Effluent Generation and Zero Hazardous Solid Waste Generation
    • Minimizing impact of end-of-life plastics generated out of our packaging material
    • Reducing Energy-intensity, Carbon-intensity and increasing contribution of Energy from Renewable Sources
    • Leveraging Rain Water Harvesting, Water Conservation & Water Replenishment and utilizing waste water as an alternate source
    • Nurturing Biodiversity within and outside our factory premises
  • We shall use principles of inherent safe design, proactively control risks in operations and improve the safety culture to move towards
    • Zero Accidents
    • Zero Occupational illness
    • Zero Incidents of Property Damage
  • We are committed to continual improvement in Environment, Health and Safety in all business processes and shall track such improvement through measurable indicators.


Managing Director & CEO

14th February 2019



EHS Policy