Loctite Tough X Adhesive with Epoxy Resin & a Hardener by Asian Paints

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What is Asian Paints Loctite Tough X Adhesive?

Asian Paints Loctite Tough X is a two part adhesive consisting of an epoxy resin and a hardener that can be used for a wide range of materials.

What is the method of application for Loctite Tough X Adhesive?

The Loctite Tough X Adhesive application process is pour out equal amounts of resin and hardener onto a clean mixing surface, mix throroughly, apply to both surfaces-press the two surfaces together and clamp joint for the adhesive to set and finally, reseal the resin and hardener hars with their respective caps to store for future.

What are the available packs for Loctite Tough X Adhesive?

The Loctite Tough X Adhesive is available in 1kg and 800gm packs.

What are the areas of application of Loctite Tough X Adhesive?

The Loctite Tough X Adhesive areas of application are metal, stone, wood, glass and plastics.

What is the setting time for Loctite Tough X Adhesive?

The Loctite Tough X Adhesive setting time is 5 hours.

How long will Loctite Tough X Adhesive last?

The Loctite Tough X Adhesive shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Why does Loctite Tough have 2X Pot Life?

The Loctite Tough has 2X Pot Life that gives additional time to the applicator.