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Asian Paints Floor Guard - Toughest Paint for Your Floors

Floors are the welcoming gateway to every home, hence the need for them to look beautiful at all times. However, they face a lot of challenges every day. From coconuts falling to cars skidding. From kids playing to brooms scraping. But can they face all these challenges alone? Definitely not! So what do your floors need to defeat every challenge and look as welcoming as ever? Watch the ad to find out.

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Get end to end safe and hassle-free painting experience with Asian Paints Safe Painting Service.

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A tile guard that incorporates the latest state of the art technology to provide long lasting performance in the most tropical and harsh conditions.

Key features

A tile guard that incorporates the latest state of the art technology to provide long lasting performance in the most tropical and harsh conditions.

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What are the benefits of using Apex Floor Guard?

The Apex Floor Guard Emulsion paint benefits are vibrant finish, excellent adhesion, high abrasion resistance, best in class washability and 2 years performance warranty.

On what kind of surfaces can Apex Floor Guard be used?

Apex Floor Guard can be applied on cement blocks, cement tiles, concrete floors and stamped concrete floors.

In how many shades Apex Floor Guard is available?

Apex Floor Guard is available in 50+ shades.

What is the shelf life of Apex Floor Guard?

The Apex Floor Guard shelf life is 3 years from date of manufacture in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

What is the warranty period for Apex Floor Guard?

Apex Floor Guard comes with a 2 years performance warranty for film integrity on cemented paver blocks.

What is the washability level of Apex Floor Guard?

The Apex Floor Guard Emulsion paint washability level is best in class.

Which primer can be used for Apex Floor Guard?

We do not recommend the use of any Primer for Apex Floor Guard.

Can we use mineral turpentine oil for dilution?

Only water can be used for the dilution of Apex Floor Guard. We do not recommend using Mineral Turpentine Oil.

How much area does Apex Floor Guard Emulsion cover?

Apex Floor Guard coverage on smooth masonry surface by brushing is 30-50 sqft/ltr for 1 coat.

What is the dilution ratio for Apex Floor Guard?

The dilution required for Apex Floor Guard is 10-20% of the volume of the paint. For example, in 1 litre of Apex Floor Guard, you need to dilute 100-200 ml of water.