why eco xpress painting

Certified green products with quick application & lower drying time, latest mechanized tools for faster executing and robust project management for on-time delivery ensure great painting experience!

safest way of painting

safest way of painting

We use water-based & certified green products for Eco Xpress sites. This allows painting to be virtually odour-free & lets you move into the newly-painted rooms sooner.

reduced painting time

reduced painting time

We use latest mechanized tools to finish work in much lesser time.

superb finish

superb finish

Usage of superior products with quick application time promises quality paint finish.

peace of mind

peace of mind

Robust project management ensures timely completion of project and a great service experience.

Eco Xpress Painting is presently available in Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Cochin, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata.

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consultation process

the consultation

You can contact us by filling a form online/calling us at 1800-209-5678 / SMS 'PAINT' to 56161. Once that’s done, we’ll call you to fix an appointment with our Sales Associate. He will advise you on all aspects related to painting. He is trained to perform technical site evaluation and take accurate measurements with latest tools. He will also help you choose products & finishes based on technical requirements, your preferences and your budget. 


the contract

After you’ve decided what needs to be done, the Sales Associate will draw up a contract that defines the scope of work, timelines for the project and method of payment. Once the terms of the contract are set you will need to sign it and make an advance payment via cheque/ demand draft to our Authorized Service Provider.


an expert's job

Now, you’re set. Sit back and relax as our Relationship Associate takes over from Sales Associate to execute the whole project. First, he will procure Asian Paints materials you’ve chosen and depute Asian Paints trained applicators. They will also ensure that the quality of work meets our recommended guidelines and standards through regular site visits.


handover time

When finished, the Relationship Associate makes sure that the site is cleaned up before handing over to you. The closure of work is recorded only after you’re satisfied and put your signature on the job completion form. Then, we mail the invoice and warranty cards to you.

We take feedback very seriously. Post completion, you will be contacted by an independent agency to confirm your satisfaction ratings on our service.



3 day premium eco xpress painting
It is astounding what an extended weekend can bring to your walls. The 3 day package gives you the freedom to make a quick change on a couple of walls with the Asian Paints On Time Promise®. Walls upto 1000 sq.ft can be transformed with the revolutionary Primer-Cum-Putty, followed by the best paints India has to offer. Choose the Finish-> Choose the wall -> Call us, and sit back and relax while we do the best version of quick painting with mechanized tools and highly trained painters and contractors. The timeline however, prevents us from giving you great wood finishes, waterproofing and our superior speciality finishes, but we always have the 7 day package for that.


7 day premium eco xpress painting
With a week at hand, your entire home (Upto 3000 sq.ft) can be given a makeover. It isn’t just the area that increases, we also offer to take care of sealing cracks, doing up your wood and even execute Royale Play speciality finishes, all with the Asian Paints On Time Promise®. Choose the Design-> Choose the wall -> Call us, and sit back and relax while we do the best version of quick painting with mechanized tools and highly trained painters and contractors. This is not all, Every Eco-Xpress package comes with a 3 year sliding warranty. All it takes is a week!

service providers

Here are the contact details for authorised Ezycolour Home Painting Service Providers near you.


online payment

To make your payment for Asian Paints Ezycolour Home Solutions, click here.


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