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5 Fun Colour Combination Ideas for Kids Room

The house interior design of every kid’s room needs to be special and colourful to match the unique and energetic personality that every kid exhibits. Selecting the right colour combination for children’s room can create a vibrant and playful space where children love to spend their leisure time. It is essential to create a safe space for kids where they feel comfortable and secure by using appropriate children’s room colour schemes.

Getting the children’s room to paint colours right can be a challenging task as kids are moody and their likes and dislikes can change instantly. Parents can have only one chance to get the children’s room paint colours right which their kids will enjoy to the fullest. It is important to plan the house painting of your kid’s room and select the right room wall colour combination to support their overall mood and development.

Let’s take a look at 5 children’s room colour schemes that you can take inspiration from to design your kid’s room.

Shades of Blue Wall Colour for Kids Room to Match All Personalities

Introduce a choice of blue shade while deciding on your set of children’s room colours painting ideas to create a soothing space that will balance out the highly energetic mood of children. A darker shade of blue colour paired with off-white hues can create one of the best children’s room colour schemes that will be suitable for both boys and girls. The combination of blue and white for children’s room colours painting ideas will create a universal colour scheme that will be suitable for all kinds of personalities.



Violet and Yellow Colour Combination for Children’s Room

Create a vibrant and lively space for your kids by using shades of violet and yellow as the right colour combination for children’s room. This is another gender-neutral colour combination that will be suitable for both boys and girls. You can complement this colour combination with an all-white décor for your kid’s room that will look visually appealing. This combination of wall colour for the kids room is preferable for children in the early stages of childhood.


An All-White Room Colour for Kids

Introducing a white room colour for kids will help to create a bright space for your kids that will match their innocence. One of the advantages of using white wall colour for kid’s room is that you can always change the look and feel of the room with different colour décor. If your kid feels the need for a change, you can simply experiment with the décor of the room by introducing new colours that your kid wants.



Selecting Peach as the Best Room Colour for Boys

A room designed for boys should reflect a spirit of vitality and vigour where boys spend their energetic storehouse in creative ways. Peach colour can be the best room colour for boys as it displays this evergreen spirit perfectly while reflecting the vibes of playfulness and vitality. Peach as the best room colour for boys can be paired with white to create an inviting and pleasant room colour combination.


Girls' Room Wall Colour with Teal and Purple

Pink is always the choice of shade while designing girls' room wall colour. However, pink colour has been used too many times while designing room colour schemes for girls. Create a unique yet mesmerising combination of colours with the use of teal and purple to design the kids’ room for girls. The combination of teal and purple will create a girls' room wall colour combination with a royal and comfortable effect on the space.


How Can Asian Paints Help You with Designing Your Kids' Room?

Asian Paints provides free colour consultation online that you can use to select the right colours for your kid’s room. Asian Paints provides colour experts and unique visualisation technology that will help you to choose the right colour schemes for your kid’s room. You can use the colour consultation for free before selecting the painting service and the right colours from a carefully curated colour catalogue, try now!


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