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Living Room: Best Living Room Paint Design Ideas 

The living room design is an important part of the overall home interior design since the living room can capture the mood of the entire home. The living room is the first space in the house that comes to the immediate attention of people and thereby it should feel welcoming at the first glance. Every house should have a suitable wall colour design for hall which complements the décor and correctly presents the personality of the homeowner.

Implementing precise wall painting ideas for living room can transform your living space into an abode for social interactions and gatherings. Selecting the right hall paint design can create an effervescent mood in your living room while making it a desirable space for family members and guests to spend their time. There are numerous wall painting ideas for living room that can be implemented to create a variety of appealing themes in your living space.

Here’s a look at different wall painting ideas for living room that you can take inspiration from to create your dream living room space.

Create an Ocean Theme Living Room Paint Design

Bring the energy of the ocean into your hall paint design by introducing shades of teal colour that will recreate a soothing yet immeasurable effect. Select a single shade of teal colour such as Pleasant Blue for the living room paint design. You can take a step further and complement the teal colour shade with contrasting décor that reflects the vibe of the ocean. Complement the teal colour hall paint design with an olive green sofa, light blue cabinets, and a light green rug.

Elegant ocean themed living room paint design - Asian Paints

Use Shades of Purple to Bring Elegance to Your Hall Paint Design

Using shades of purple colour for living room design can create a sense of luxury and royalty in your living room space. Select an eye-pleasing shade of purple such as Reverie for the hall paint design to create an elegant look on the living room walls. Pair the purple drawing room paint with a beige colour sofa and a rug with a darker shade of purple. You can also complement the purple drawing room paint with a dark brown coffee table in the centre.

Purple hall paint design for your space - Asian Paints

Recreate Nature with Green Wall Painting Ideas for Living Room

Introduce the warm and grounding feeling of nature into your living room design with the use of an appropriate shade of green colour. Select a rich shade of green such as Batik Green to create an engrossing living room wall colour design that will make you feel closer to nature. Complement the green drawing room paint with wooden furniture and dark brown décor to bring the richness and elegance of nature into the drawing room painting design.

Stunning green living room wall colour design for your space - Asian Paints

Bring a Rustic Sense with Brown Living Room Wall Colour Design

Use shades of brown colour to create regal and rustic wall paint design ideas for living room. Create a sense of security and dependability in your living room by using an appropriate shade of brown such as Brown Bread. Highlight the brown home hall paint design by using white living room décor ideas such as a sofa, coffee table, curtains, and much more. Complement the home hall paint design with a white and grey textured rug to match the rustic feeling.

Chic brown living room wall colour design for your space - Asian Paints

Bring Vitality to Your Living Room with Peach Wall Colour Design for Hal

You can create a spirit of playfulness in your living space by using peach wall paint design ideas for living room. Use a peach wall colour design for hall such as Peach Beach to create a refreshing and enlivening wall paint design for drawing room. Match the peach drawing room painting design with light brown furniture to create a contrasting look. You can also complement the peach wall paint design for drawing room by using white colour in the ceiling and rug selection.

Subtle peach wall colour design for hall - Asian Paints



Which colour is best for Hall?

Shades of blue and white colours are best suited for designing the hall. Blue colour can create a soothing and calm effect whereas white colour can provide a sense of purity and balance.


Which colour is best for wall painting design?

You can use shades of teal colour as the appropriate selection of designer wall paint for living room. Teal colour can create the experience of the ocean in your living room while exhibiting a sense of tranquillity in your living space.


Which light colour is best for the hall?

Peach is among the best light colours that are suitable for your living room walls. Peach can provide a refreshing effect to your living room by introducing a feeling of playfulness and vigour into your living room.

How Can Asian Paints Help You with Choosing the Best Living Room Wall Painting Designs for Hall?

Asian Paints provides free colour consultation online that you can use to select the right designer wall paint for living room. Asian Paints provides colour experts and unique visualisation technology that will help you to choose the right living room wall painting designs for hall. You can use the colour consultation before selecting the house painting service for free, try now!


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