5 Quirky Wall Painting Interior Designs You Should Try!


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5 Quirky Wall Painting Interior Designs You Should Try!


Wall painting designs are a becoming quite a trend. India has a rich tradition of folk art. Decorating walls with traditional designs or tribal art is a big part of the folk art. These time honoured wall designs are beautiful and will impart grace and a splash of colour to an otherwise plain wall.

Here are 5 quirky wall painting designs you should try for your homes to give your walls a beautifully unique look.

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Warli?Wall Painting Art?Interior Design - Asian Paints


Warli art is characterised by paintings which are based on elements of nature and use of basic geometric shapes: circles, triangles and squares. These shapes are meant to symbolise the different elements of nature. Though they are rudimentary, they are beautiful in their simplicity. Though Warli paintings are traditionally done in white paint on earthy colours, introducing colour in these paintings will give it a contemporary twist.

Madhubani Wall Painting Art Interior Design - Asian Paints


Madhubani art is not confined to a single medium. It looks equally beautiful on walls, cloth and paper. Natural colours and eye-catching geometrical patterns are a hallmark of Madhubani art. Traditionally they depict scenes from everyday life or important social scenes like marriages. The bright colours and the instantly recognisable style of painting make Madhubani one of the must-try wall arts in modern homes.

Mandala Wall Painting Art Interior Design - Asian Paints


Mandala painting has gained some prominence over the past couple of years. Traditionally used as an aid for meditation, the Mandala has evolved into an intricate symmetrical design characterised by fine details and extensive use of wall paint colours. A big Mandala or a collection of small ones painted on your home’s walls, will not only enhance the look but also provide an element of spirituality to the room.

Graffiti Wall Painting Art Interior Design - Asian Paints


Graffiti art is the ultimate expression of artistic freedom. Graffiti is the rebel of the art world. It is the original wall art of the modern times. Painted using spray paint, quirky designs and social issues are the mainstays of Graffiti art. A graffiti painting on your room’s walls will give it a modern art characteristic. Besides, no two graffiti paintings are the same. So a painting done on your walls will be uniquely yours, with no other like it.

Wall Paint Textures - Asian Paints


Wall Paint Textures add a new dimension to walls. Where paint enhances the beauty in a single, flat dimension, a texture enhances the look of the wall with an additional sensory perception. A texture created on a single wall impresses its character on the entire room. A judicious use of textures will elevate a good room to a great space with its own distinct character.


Textures can also be achieved with wallpapers. There are various wallpaper designs to choose from and some real quirky designs available in wallpapers. If paint textures are not your cup of tea, then wallpapers are a good idea to achieve a unique look.


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