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Maximizing Your Space: Home Decor Tips for a Large Home


Everybody dreams of owning a large house. But a large living space can be quite a challenge to decorate. While a big room can be quite handy for entertaining, it lacks the warmth and cosiness of small rooms. Not to mention that it could be too big for day-to-day living. But there are ways to make most of the available space and decorate a large space to appear cosy and rooted.

There are many ways to make a large living space appear more homely and manageable. Not all of them may work for all the spaces. It is up to you to decide what works for you. Let us dive right in and take a look at some creative home decor ideas to decorate a large room.


The best way to make use of a large space is to create smaller areas within the larger room. This will give an order to a large space, which can otherwise appear awkward. This can be achieved in multiple ways. One way to do it is with carpets. Throw some carpets or rugs on the floor and you are all set. They will act as little islands which can be furnished for specific purposes.

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The other way to do it is with wall colours combinations or wallpapers. Wallpapers serve nicely to separate spaces within the room. They are available in a variety of colours and designs. Designer wallpapers add to the allure while serving a practical purpose. E.g. a large living room could be divided into a sitting area, a TV viewing area and a study area with a combination of carpets and wallpapers.


It is a classic mistake with large rooms. People tend to have many pieces of furniture in order to 'fill up’ a room large room. It only serves to clutter the room. What’s needed is a focal point around which the furniture can be arranged. It creates order out of a potential chaos.

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A large sofa or a heavy writing desk will serve nicely as the focal points for the room. Having two or more focal points in a room will also divide the room visually which will help in countering the large size of the room. Planting a large sofa in front of the entertainment unit and a heavy writing desk in the same room will automatically create two distinct spaces within the same room, each with its own specific purpose.


It is very important to choose the furniture which is proportional to the room. Slim, delicate furniture will not suit a large room. A large room should have at least one or two large pieces of furniture. A big bookcase along the wall and a big sofa will complement a large living room beautifully. It is important to exercise restraint while choosing large furniture. Too much big furniture will make the room appear cluttered.

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A canopy bed is a good choice for large bedrooms design. It will not only maintain the balance of the room but also create a cosy space. A large bedroom will also give you the room to create a sitting or a reading area. It can be as simple as a couple of tall-backed cosy chairs around a small coffee table.


A room’s appearance can drastically change depending on the lighting. It is especially true for large rooms. A big room requires ample lighting. But smaller areas can be individually lit to create the feeling of a smaller room. Having electrical outlets in the floor can give the flexibility of having lamps which can be moved around the room as needed.

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A centre ceiling light can be a focal point of attention for the room, but it needs to be supported with smaller lights scattered about the room for uniform lighting. Having a few movable lamps with matching shades will give a bit more uniformity to the room.


A creative home decor idea is the use of colours that can make a large room cosy quite easily. Different colours and patterns could be used to break up large walls and create zones as illustrated earlier. With a light colour serving as the base for the entire room, dark or bright colours can be used to visually divide up the room.


A large room requires everything to be of similar proportions. That includes the furniture, the accessories and the artwork. The artwork on walls will also help to break up the big expanse. Rather than having several smaller pieces of art, one or two big ones will add a touch of class and reduce visual clutter. If an artwork is not preferred, the same effect can be achieved with wallpapers. Some of the designer wallpapers that are available are no less than artworks. A big patch of a bold wallpaper can easily take place of more expensive artwork.

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The same is also true for furnishings. Bold fabric patterns stand out and provide visual anchors in a large room. Using repeating fabric colours or patterns are much more pleasing to the eye and give a natural flow to the room for the eye to follow.



Finally, it is worth noting that you are only limited by your imagination. It is also worth keeping in mind a simple rule while decorating, “Moderation is the key.” Overdoing anything will have the opposite effect of what you set out to do in the first place.

While a large living space can be a challenge to decorate tastefully, it is definitely a challenge worth accepting.


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