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6 Contractor Painting Tools For Paint Applications


“First we build tools, then they build us.” - Marshall McLuhan. A good paint contractor without the right paint tools is like a writer with a broken pen. It is of utmost importance that your paint contractor is armed with the best tools to get the project done effectively. When we say best painting tools, we mean products that are state-of-the-art, in good condition, safe and worth the money. From cleaning tools to basic paint brushes, the right paint tools for paint application projects take you a long way in terms of efficiency, time, accuracy and cleanliness. 

While your standard wall painter may not have a diverse kit like this, your professional paint contractor must have these painting tools. On a side note, there are many differences between how professional paint contractors or wall painters and standard painters operate.

Professional tools used by paint contractors - Asian Paints

However, here are the paint tools to look for in your professional paint contractor’s kit for a successful home improvement project.


Cleaning, sanding and priming walls are important painting preps that a good painting service contractor will begin with before getting to his/her brushstrokes. Different surfaces and finishes may require different kinds of cleaning. For example, kitchen walls tend to be oily because of past splatters and exterior walls tend to have grease on them. 

Tool for wall surface preparation by wall painters - Asian Paints

Your paint contractor can either use a detergent/scrub or a specific wall cleansing product, so that a fresh coat of paint adheres to the surface, avoids air bubbles and has a smooth surface. A dirty or greasy surface will cause ripples, chips and no longevity of the paint. So step 1 for your paint contractor is to get an excellent wall cleaner to begin with a clean slate!


Paint on your walls is a strong yes but paint everywhere else is a big no. Painter’s tape is something that every professional paint contractor must have to ensure a clean project. Only painter’s tape can come to a contractor’s rescue when they want to secure edges, furniture, windows and other surfaces.

Masking tape used by professional wall painters - Asian Paints

Do not mistake masking tape for painter’s tape, because the adhesive of the latter doesn’t stain your walls and stays on for a good 14-15 days, and that’s something any professional paint contractor will know. Your contractor also must seal it, run a cloth over it and check on its adhesive wearing out from time to time.



Choosing the right brushes and rollers to apply your paint is extremely crucial to any home improvement project. It’s not just the paint, but also the application that matters. A good paint contractor knows his paint tools in and out. Few things they will always keep in mind while carrying brushes and rollers for the site will be the scale of project, surface, firmness of brush required, bristles texture for the type of paint chosen and the size of the brush. Choosing rollers isn’t that layered, it’s pretty easy if you know your surface. Although nap materials range from wool to foam, synthetic bases are preferred.

Wall paint brushes & rollers for your house painting - Asian Paints

Pro tip: A 9 inch cover with a ⅜ nap is standard for most projects. As additions, your paint contractor must definitely bring along roller trays to hold paint and telescopic roller poles for efficient painting in areas far out of reach. 


Once you schedule a home visit with a paint contractor from our Contractor Finder Tool, they will give you a brief understanding of all the right paints and primer required for the project at hand. Our professionals are trained, certified and have an in-depth understanding of the products that work best for any requirement. 

Wall painting paints & primers - Asian Paints

Whether it’s an interior/exterior wall painting project or a wall repair requirement, we at Asian Paints have a wide range of products that can cover all your needs. Your paint contractor must use paints that are engineered to last and emanate a sheen that’s worth it. Fret not, our professional paint contractors will cover all bases and suggest the best suit for your requirement.


Whether your contractor’s brush fibres are synthetic or polyester, it is important for them to clean it for clean paint application and to preserve the quality of the brushes. A good paint brush cleaner, if present in your paint contractor’s kit, is a sign that they like to keep their tools in the best of condition. A good paint contractor will definitely have a paint brush cleaner and other cleaning resources to wrap up the project neatly and with precision. Another important resource that will ensure a clean site and painting tools is a plastic wrap for wet rollers.

Cleaning resources used by house contractors - Asian Paints

Pro tip: At the end of the day, your paint contractor must wrap their wet rollers in a plastic, air-tight wrapper to dry. Tools that clean painting tools are the best for a spic and span project site.


Whether it’s canvas or 100% cotton, drop cloths are a saviour for paint contractors and must be in your contractor’s priority list for painting tools. Whether it’s canvas or 100% cotton, drop cloths are a saviour for paint contractors and must be in your contractor’s priority list for painting tools.

Floor & furniture cover to protect your belongings - Asian Paints

The size of the drop cloth will be chosen as per the size of the area to be covered, however drop clothes are a must-have for all wall painter contractors. A home improvement project without drop cloths will look like a canvas with paint splatters everywhere. You can rest assured, as our house contractor professionals from the Finder Contractor Tool prep with all-things necessary.


Lastly, the most important part of any contractor’s kit should be a disinfectant, gloves, spare masks and a sanitizer to ensure hygiene during the ongoing pandemic.

Hygeine kit should be used by your paint contractors - Asian Paints

A hygiene kit is something we advise you as well your house contractor to have for such home projects to maintain social distancing and to adhere to stringent hygiene guidelines.

Our  Contractor Finder Tool ensures you get in touch with certified, trained and trust-worthy paint contractors in and around your area. While you can keep the above list of must-have painting tools handy, we know our professionals will readily answer all your questions and ensure a seamless home improvement project with the right set of painting tools. 


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