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DIY Tent Ideas for Kids’ Rooms Interior Design


Tents are dreamy; they spell adventure, the outdoors and the out-of-the ordinary. Today, when so many of us live in high-rises or boxed-in homes, it is a good idea to give the kids a feeling of being outdoors. Tents are a great way to do this. Here are some easy DIY tent ideas to quickly put up a tent and gift your kids some magic!

Tent ideas for kids room interior design - Asian Paints


This is a quick and easy make-shift tent of kids room design idea. All you need is a horizontal rope on which you will fold fabric over. The corners of the fabric can be attached to heavy furniture in the room – the bed, a chair, and a wardrobe, for instance.


Make this interesting with special fabric, and attach loops to the corners so that it can be fixed easily and detached whenever required. Another idea is to tuck it in under a base mattress. Or you could simply use this idea to make a tent canopy for the bed itself!


If you are not equipped with basic carpentry skills, get a carpenter to make two basic A frames with the tops of the A criss-crossing each other, so that you can place a horizontal pole across the two A’s. This sounds complicated, but it is very simple, as you can see from the image here. 

White tent with bamboo for children - Asian Paints

To keep this simple, just drape a fabric on top of the horizontal pole. If you are good at sewing, you could make little tie-back curtains at the opening of the tent, and cut out a small window on the side. You can improvise on this design further; for instance, make it foldable at the A’s, or sturdy the tent with an extra horizontal support in the middle.


Drill four holes through a hula hoop at even intervals. That means, you should have the holes opposite each other. When that is done, loop a sturdy rope through each hole and gather it at the top. This is the frame of your canopy. Now all you have to do is get a long length of shower curtain, and string all the eyelets through one curtain ring. To make the canopy even more fun and playful, consider using a shower curtain with a bright and vibrant pattern that matches the kids room colour combination.

Tent ideas for kids bedroom decor - Asian Paints

Carefully slip this over the canopy frame, until the curtain ring sits on top of the rope knot. Your no-sew tent canopy is ready. All you have to do is attach a heavy duty hook to the ceiling, and hang your tent from there. Add an extra rope length if you have a high ceiling, and adjust the tent so that the curtain skims over the floor.


Teepees are a genius idea for tents that were characteristic dwellings of the American Indians. To replicate a tepee in your kids’ room, you will need 4 equal length poles that you will place upright. 

DIY teeepee tent for childrens bedroom - Asian Paints

Tie them at least a foot below the top, so that the tops are together, but the bottom part of the pole is spread out. You can use a classic clove hitch knot to secure the tepee. Test it to check if it will stand upright on its own without any support. Now you need to wrap a large piece of fabric around the tepee and once again secure it at the top, above your knot.

Tents are such fun décor elements that your kids will want to spend a lot of their time in there. If you have the time, make it comfortable for them with pockets sewn in on the inside to hold toys and books, a comfortable mattress and cushions.


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