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Tile Cleaner

Remember the first time walking into your new home with everything looking perfect - from the texture to the finish to even the colour of the tiles? Countless cleaning hours and many years later, however, the house really isn’t all the same, with grime, soap deposits, and mineral stains being a permanent resident.

But not anymore - with the new Asian Paints SmartCare Tile Cleaner, that is all sorted, and you don’t even need to call in professional help, or shell out huge sums of money. 


Most of us may have heard of the old-school methods of removing stains such as vinegar, acid, or bleaching powder. But while these products do help to some extent in removing dirt, they are also most likely to remove colouring and shine off the tiles themselves. These harsh chemicals are not engineered for use on tiles, which usually have shine and other intricate details.


The best way to counter stains is through products that are specifically designed for the purpose of retaining shine, while differentiating between colour and stains, and the Asian Paints SmartCare Tile Cleaner is just the right product to get the job done. 


What’s the deal with cleaning tiles and grout anyway? 


First off, grout typically refers to the cement coat between tiles, meant to hold the tiles firmly in place. It is an essential part of the foundation of the area. However, it is also prone to accumulate dirt, and stains, and it can also harbour bacteria, which reflects poorly on the hygiene of that space. 


Apart from the aesthetic benefits, regular cleaning of tiles helps to remove contaminants and other materials that can cause damage in the long term. Regular cleaning also ensures that you don’t need to worry about picking up illnesses along the way. Apart from this, it can also help retain the natural shine of tiles to some extent, plus you can save a ton of money in external cleaning services. 

All about the Asian Paints SmartCare Tile Cleaner 


The Asian Paints Smartcare Tile Cleaner is an active cleaning and degreasing solution with a selectively chosen and researched list of acids and detergents base meant to maintain tiles, bath tubs, wash basins, and even concrete. It also tackles cementitious tile grout stains with ease, and is especially effective on ceramic, porcelain, and vitrified tiles. Did we forget the fragrance of the cleaner will make the whole process that much easier?!


The application of the SmartCare Tile Cleaner depends on the area and amount of layers involved.

●     For mild spots, the tile cleaner needs to be mixed with water and soaked in cloth, sponge or a scrubber. The scrubber is then placed on the surface until spots are removed.

●     For slightly more difficult spots and layers, the tile cleaner can be used in its concentrated form without diluting with water.


As a precaution, however, it is recommended to wear gloves as mild irritation or itching can occur. It is also advisable to check the solution on a small surface before application onto the entire are.


You can also check out our tile waterproofing services.


So what are you waiting for?

The road to ultra-clean and shining tiles is just a few steps away. You can now officially declare war against the most stubborn paint, grease, wax, grime, oil, or cement stains on concrete, ceramic, asbestos, and even terrazzo surfaces. Additionally, you don’t need to worry anymore about your cleaning agent being overly corrosive to the point of damaging expensive surfaces. Get on the phone with an Asian Paints expert to know more about our SmartCare Tile Cleaner.


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