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Home Interior Design Ideas for a Studio Apartment 


The bedroom is the most personal room in a house. It is a private retreat where we leave our cares and worries behind and get ready to face the new day with renewed energy. A bedroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate. It should be a restful, serene space which relaxes the mind as well as the body.

A cosy bedroom is a peaceful bedroom. A bedroom where you can just unwind and let the day’s worries dissolve away is the stuff of everybody’s dreams. So what makes a bedroom cosy? Well, there’s no definite answer as it is very personal and a matter of individual tastes. But, a cosy bedroom can be created with the mix of right elements.

Let us take a look at some inspiring ideas that can turn a bedroom into a chic and stylish cocoon of cosiness. There are certainly more than one ways to get your own restful world of comfort. From soothing colours to relaxing patterns, we’ll look at some simple bedroom design ideas that can come together nicely to give off an inviting warmth.

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We cannot talk about a room without talking about wall colours, be it any room. It is especially true for a bedroom. Nobody wants drab-looking dull walls. But nobody wants glaring bright-coloured walls either. The idea is to have soothing neutral colours which calm down the mind.

Shades of green and blue work their magic to infuse the living space with calm and an energy which refreshes the mind. Lighter shades of both these colours create a light, playful atmosphere. While the darker shades, especially in blue, create an air of intimacy by shrinking down the visual space with its velvety hues.

An accent wall behind the headboard will highlight the bed as the focal point of the bedroom making it cosier and more inviting. The symphony of the dark accent wall with the lighter shades of the rest of the walls is sure to soothe the most tired of minds.

Bedroom Colours Interior Design - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Rustic Turquoise (7438); Moonlight (L121)

An accent wall behind the headboard will highlight the bed as the focal point of the bedroom making it cosier and more inviting. The symphony of the dark accent wall with the lighter shades of the rest of the walls is sure to soothe the most tired of minds.

If you’re unsure about your colour choice, expert help on complete interior home decor solution is just a click or a phone call away. These professionals will suggest the perfect colours and combinations that will take your bedroom interior design and transform it into the cosy bedroom you deserve.


There’s something hypnotic about patterns that has fascinated mankind since the ancient times. It has been evident throughout history in art and architecture, across various cultures and civilisations. Maybe it is the order they bring to a space or maybe its just the pretty design, man’s fascination with patterns is an ongoing love affair.

Patterns can be geometric (symmetrical) or free-flowing. But they have one undeniable quality. They’re beautiful. The beauty of a room is elevated to new levels with the right use of patterns. And patterns are not just restricted to walls either.

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Pattern Used: All-Over —> Minarets; Base Coat: Misty Spring (7658); Top Coat: Spring Delight (8392)

Patterns can be repeated in furnishings and drapery. This eclectic mix-n-match of patterns should be like a melodious, well-synchronised orchestra. They can elevate your mood with perfectly matched colours and patterns. Again, do not shy away from seeking help to create your perfect cosy bedroom.

As with everything else, over-indulgence is not advisable. It is best to use patterns judiciously. It is one design element which delivers the most impact with restrained use.


Of course, the bed matters in a bedroom. After all, what bedroom is complete without a bed? A bed should be cosy and comfortable. We spend almost a third of our life in bed. So it makes sense to take time to choose the right one. A wrong bed or mattress can give rise to unnecessary health issues.

A bed-frame can be made of wood or metal. A wooden bed gives more stability to the bedroom space. It creates earthy overtures which make the bedroom seem more rooted and exude a calm associated with the earth.

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas - Asian Paints

A metal bed is visually lighter and bears a more contemporary look. It will suit smaller bedrooms as it will create ‘more space’. It is advisable to have all the perfect measurements in order to select the right-sized bed for the bedroom.

A huge bed in a small bedroom will just make the room seem cluttered or even claustrophobic. Maintaining a sense of proportion while selecting a bed is very important.


Lighting plays an instrumental role in setting the mood of a room. Want the room to be cheerful? Just light it up and watch the mood elevate with cheer! Want to set an intimate mood? Use yellow lighting and watch the room glow with an intimate warmth. Lighting is very versatile and easy to use medium to make a bedroom cosy.

A small light fixture or a light chandelier in the middle of the room will add grace to the room. Old-fashioned lamps in a corner not only look good but also give off diffused light which creates a cosy feeling.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas - Asian Paints

Indirect lighting is yet another way to create intimate lighting in a bedroom. A pipe of LEDs behind the headboard or a couple of directional lights on the wall just adds a wow factor to the overall look of the bedroom.

Mood lighting is also a great way to create some unique light-art in the bedroom. The lights can be controlled by the connected smartphone app. Very futuristic!


Wallpapers are just like colours, only more interesting and available in a wide variety of designs. Just like a colour can dictate the look of a room, a wallpaper can go one step further by adding the design element to simple colour.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedroom - Asian Paints

The soothing sight of a nature-inspired wallpaper is a prelude to the calm that makes for a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom. Nature is beautiful and nature-inspired wallpapers are doubly so!

There are wallpaper ideas to suit every taste. Take some time to look around and find the right one for your bedroom.


A cosy bedroom is one indulgence we all give in to. A cosy look is the combination of wise design choices. When all the right elements work in rhythm, it creates the beautiful harmony of intimacy and cosiness.


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