Repaint My House: How Often Should I Do It?


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Repaint My House: How Often Should I Do It?

Painting your home is an altogether different experience. Not only does house painting give your home a fresh new look, but it also serves to protect it from the elements. But how do you figure out when should you repaint your house? Let’s take a look at some of the determining factors that go into deciding when should you paint your house.

Depending Factors for Repainting The House

Age of Paint Job

One of the most obvious signs that you need to repaint is if the existing paint job is looking old and worn out. Generally speaking, paint jobs should last between 5-10 years depending on the quality of paint used, the climate you live in, and how often you perform maintenance like washing the walls. If your current paint job is older than 10 years, then it is time for a fresh coat.

Repainting an old house with outdated paint job - Asian Paints

Sun Damage

You should consider repainting a wall if they are showing signs of sun damage. The sun’s UV rays can cause fading or discolouration over time, which can make even brand-new walls look aged and worn out. If you have any walls that are exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, they should be inspected regularly for signs of damage and should be repainted as soon as possible if any is found.

Protect your home painting job from sun damage - Asian Paints

Moisture Damage

Another common reason for answering the question of when should you repaint your house is moisture damage caused by water infiltration or condensation build-up on interior walls. Moisture can cause bubbling or peeling paint as well as mould growth which can lead to serious health risks if left unchecked. If you notice any signs of moisture damage on your walls, be sure to get them cleaned up and repair any underlying issues before repainting them.

Protect your home painting from moisture damage - Asian Paints

When Should you Repaint your House?

Are you wondering about the best time to paint your home? The answer is not as simple as you might think. It depends on a variety of factors, including the condition of your home's exterior. Over time, you may notice fading colour, peeling paint, cracking paint, and other signs of wear and tear. 

Fading Colour

One of the most obvious signs that you should repaint with an appropriate painting contractor is fading colour. If your paint is beginning to look dull and has lost its vibrancy, then it is time for a new coat. This is often caused by exposure to sunlight over an extended period or by harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or cold. Knowing how much sun exposure different types of paint can handle before fading starts to occur will help you decide whether or not it is time to repaint.

You will need a fresh painting job when the old paint starts fading away - Asian Paints

Peeling Paint

Another sign to consider before thinking about when to repaint my house is peeling paint. Peeling paint usually indicates that there is an issue with the underlying wall such as moisture or water damage. It could also be a sign that the original paint job was done too quickly and not given enough time to properly dry which results in the top layer of paint peeling off. Either way, if you notice any peeling on the walls, then it is time for a new coat of paint!

Cracking Paint

Finally, another indication that answers when should you repaint your house is cracking paint. This happens when there are large cracks in the paint due to excessive pressure being applied from either furniture or people pushing against the walls themselves over an extended period. It is also possible for cracking paint to be caused by temperature changes in the room where there are sharp contrasts between hot and cold temperatures throughout the day/night cycles. To prevent this type of damage from occurring again, make sure that all furniture pieces are kept away from walls and windowsills as well as make sure any air conditioning units are not set at too high/low levels during certain times of day/year!

Repainting your home can be an exciting process that gives it an entirely new look and feel but knowing when should I paint my house isn't always easy. By considering things like the age of your existing paint job, sun exposure, and moisture levels in your home, however, you should have no problem determining when should you repaint your house! Whether it is because of age or damage caused by outside elements like moisture or UV radiation from the sun, painting your home can help keep it safe and looking its best for many years to come.

You need a fresh home painting job when the old paint starts cracking - Asian Paints

How can Asian Paints help you with professional painting services?

The Asian Paints Safe Painting Service is a one-stop solution for all your house painting needs to address the question of when should you paint your house. The Asian Paints Safe Painting Service provides different facilities such as colour consultation, supervised painting, and trained professionals that will provide a clean and precise paint job. Asian Paints is a quality painting company that provides post-painting professional cleaning with deep sanitization and 1-year service product warranty.


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