Kids Room Interior Design For Siblings


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Kids Room Design For Siblings


Designing a kids’ room is always a fun exercise. We can let our imagination run wild, even using bright colours which we usually wouldn’t use otherwise. Designing a room for siblings can be tough, but there are some things that have to be a part of the kids’ room interior for it to be a joyful yet practical place.

Here are some wonderful kids room interior design ideas that can be used to design a kids room for siblings, which will be equally loved by all.

Interior Design for Kids Room - Asian Paints
Bunk Beds for Kids Room - Asian Paints


Bunk beds are a great space-saver in a room shared by siblings. It also has that element of fun and adventure which is an essential part of a kid’s bedroom. Bunk beds can be simple or they can be really detailed works of art. Ideas range from castles to palaces. It all comes down to the kids’ imagination and the space available. Bunk beds will never be out of style.

Study Desks for Kids Room Interior - Asian Paints


This is a much-needed piece of furniture in the kids’ room interior design. Even if the siblings are toddlers, making sure to keep a space aside for having study desks is a good idea. The study desks should be amply wide so as not to distract with lack of space. Desks for siblings should be spaced apart so that each sibling has their own personal study space. If space is at a premium, the desks can be foldable ones mounted on walls. Study desks are an essential part of a kids’ room interiors.

Storage Space Ideas for Kids - Asian Paints


Toys are probably the most important part of a kid’s life. A specially designated space for storing toys is a must in a kids’ room. Not only does it encourage kids to pick up after themselves, but it also helps in keeping the room tidy. A simple shelf is a good idea as it keeps the toys visible and easily accessible to the kids. But a wooden chest also makes a good storage space for toys, while doubling as extra seating.

Wall Stickers Design Ideas - Asian Paints


Wall stickers are a fun addiction to a kids’ room interior design. Not only do they add colour, they also bring the kid’s favourite characters into their room. Wall stickers are available for kids of all ages and they definitely give a character to the kids room interior design rather than just having plain walls. There are even some paints that glow in the dark! They open up a whole new world of possibilities for decorating a kids’ room interiors.

Play Area Interior Design - Asian Paints


It is desirable to have a play area for kids in their room. It keeps the mess in the room to a minimum. Another way to make the play area more fun and engaging for kids is by adding some creative wall painting design that matches the theme of the toys and their play area. The ideal place for this would be the area around the toys storage. Even a simple, colourful rug makes a good place for the kids to play with their toys. If it has to be something fancier, a small wooden fence around the toys storage would serve nicely to separate the play area from the rest of the room.


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