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Steps to repair cracks and holes in internal walls

Your home environment can remain safe and secure as long as the foundation of your house remains strong. Your home’s environment is not only prone to dust & pollution from the outside but also the damage that can seep in! And the most common source that allows water, germs, and eventual damage to seep in is wall cracks!

Those that have been living in their homes for more than a decade or face extreme weather conditions, may notice tiny cracks or even gaping holes in their interior as well as exterior walls. Since most people are confused by how these wall cracks appear, let’s understand their root causes. 

What causes a wall crack?

Visible wall cracks are one of the most common concerns individuals have with their home’s structural integrity. Concerned that these wall cracks to cause further breakdown of the wall or allow water to penetrate further, it’s important to under what causes a wall crack. Here are some of the main reasons why a wall develops a crack:-

1. Settling over time 

Just like our skin develops wrinkles and fine lines as we age, so does your home. As your home ages, it undergoes several changes, movement of the ground, and expected wear & tear. This may cause tiny wall cracks based on what changes the house undergoes.

2. Vacant home  

Leaving a home vacant can also cause wall cracks! The lack of climate control and other solutions like waterproofing and dampproofing can cause the development of wall cracks on interior and exterior walls.

3. Faulty drywall taping

As your home has drywall, it is essential that they are correctly taped or else it can cause wall cracks. Drywall panels are joined at the seam by drywall mud, and the seam is then covered with tape and finally painted. If this seam isn’t properly filled and sealed, the tape can start to disintegrate and leave thin cracks in your wall.

4. Water leak

One of the most common issues in households is water leakage and eventual damage. Water finds a way to get through and thus, waterproofing is essential. Moisture can also ruin drywalls by softening it and ultimately causing cracks.


Why is wall crack repairing important?

Wall crack repairing can be done with crack filling which is an extremely crucial preventive measure that needs to be taken to protect your home from subsequent damage. On noticing deep holes or cracks in your walls, you must opt for crack filling solutions or crack seal for walls immediately as it safeguards your home from several other issues, such as water leakage, mold infestation, bacterial and fungal growth, termites, and wood damage. A crack seal is essential for securing your walls, roof, basement, and other concrete surfaces!

5 steps to repairing a wall crack permanently


1. Preparing

Clear away furniture and other home decor items and put down a sheet below the wall with cracks. Using the right tools and equipment, gently open up the cracks to ensure that the wall crack filler or crack filler for concrete can be effortlessly applied and is the best solution for securing concrete cracks. Dust away fallout material and spray water to prepare for crack filling.

2. Crack filling 

Using the right tools or knife, apply the wall crack filler into the holes and push it in.

Spread it evenly & smooth off the edges in a feathering motion for a professional touch!

3. Adding layers for larger holes

If your walls have larger holes, it will need special care. Ease open the hole, dust out all loose material, and spray some water to prep. Apply the crack filler for walls inside the large gap, and spread it in a criss-cross pattern for better grip of the next layer. Push it in evenly and wait for it to dry before you add more layers to fill the large hole or deep crack completely. Once it’s filled to the edge, even off the last layer for a smooth finish!

If the crack filler is not appropriately applied for large holes in your walls, it is best to seek professional assistance for the best crack filling service! 

4. Smoothening corners

For cracks and holes on corners, fix this using a straight batten or a long, flat piece of timber. Nail the batten or timber with one edge of the corner, fill the crack until it is sealed completely, and smoothen the surface with the batten.

5. Sanding for smooth finish

For a superior finish, lightly sand the areas where you applied the crack filler for walls or crack seal for walls with fine sandpaper once the filling is completely dry. Apply a coat of wall paint or wallpaper for the finished look!


How can Asian Paints help you with repairing the cracks in internal walls


At Asian Paints, we believe that maintaining a healthy, strong & weather-resistant home depends on the quality of waterproofing, dampproofing and crack filling done. When it comes to crack filling, it is important to choose high-quality and durable crack filler products for securing your interior and exterior walls, crack seal for roof, and any other surface with large gaps and holes.  Keeping this in mind, we at Asian Paints have devised an incredible wall crack sealant product range, including ready-to-use products like Smart Care Crackseal, SmartCare Textured Crack Filler, Smartcare Repair Polymer, Akrylmax , SmartCare Hybrid PU Sealant, SmartCare Crack Shield, and many more! Besides plastering & securing the holes, the wall crack seal products also effectively waterproof your home against water leakage & eventual damage! Our crack seal products are the ultimate filler solutions for safeguarding the health & structural integrity of your home by securing the roof, walls, and concrete surfaces! 


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