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Shades of Blue Colour by Asian Paints

Blue is a safe colour. It represents calmness. Even the dark shades of blue look pleasant and gravitate good vibes. From light pastel blues to deep navy blues, the range of blue shades by Asian Paints are multi-faceted and can be used in a variety of ways to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in any room. For instance, a lighter shade of blue like sky blue colour is perfect because it soothes your senses with its radiating hue of blue. This shade of blue is one of the popular ones, hence an ideal colour to be paired with most of neutral and bold colours on the colour wheel. From the modern to the classic, Asian Paints has numerous shades of blue for every taste and style.

When it comes to blue colours, Asian Paints brings you a range of shades so vibrant and versatile that you'll be spoilt for choice! From the deep navy hues of Midnight Sky to the subtle greyish blue of Grandeur Blue, each shade radiates a unique personality and charm. Feel the freshness of the sky in the bright shades of True Blue and Caribbean Blue, or create a calming atmosphere with soft blues like Mystic Blue and Arctic Ice. From the modern to the classic, Asian Paints has the perfect blue for every taste and style.

What are the popular types of blue colour paints for walls?

Some of the most popular shades of blue are dark blue, bright blue, peacock blue, turquoise blue, and sky blue. Dark blue is a classic colour that can add a touch of elegance to any space. It is also a good choice if you want to make a small room look bigger. Bright blue can be used to fix the accent walls with a pop of colour. Peacock blue is perfect for adding a little bit of luxury to your home. Turquoise blue, on the other hand, reminds you of coastal or beach-themed homes and strikes a cosy theme. Sky blue colour is a calming shade of blue that is often seen in bedrooms. 

1. Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect is a soft and delicate shade of light blue that is reminiscent of a clear sky on a sunny day. It is a calming and soothing colour that exudes a sense of an open space. This shade of blue is perfect for creating a serene and relaxing backdrop in any space, from study room to prayer room. A blue colour wall like this would look exquisite with a variety of other hues, from pale pinks to crisp whites, creating a beautiful and harmonious colour palette. 

2. Mystic Dream

Mystic Dream with its muted hue add a touch of subtle elegance to any décor. The blue colour is hidden away in the lap of the night. Truly mystical as it creates an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation and complement a variety of furniture and accessories. Whether used as false ceiling hue, accent walls or bathrooms, Mystic Dream, is a dark shade of blue which oozes comfort for the soul.  
3. Dove Blue

Dove blue is a soft shade of blue that has slight grey undertones. This blue wall paint can recreate a shoreline by the bay, perfect for relaxing spaces like living room or bedroom. Amongst types of blue colour, this shade of light blue covers the exteriors with its wispy and airy shade of blue. It helps to create a contrasting look that brings out the best of the house. It is a very understated, cool yet calming blue colour on wall which will be sure to bring a sense of serenity to your home.

4. Blue Bay

Blue Bay is a deep, natural shade of blue colour. It has a hint of green, giving it a calming effect that can help make a room look more inviting and relaxing. Paired with neutral shades, Blue Bay can be used to create a subtle yet modern look. When used on walls, this shade of blue colour brings life and brightness to a room without being overly bold. From living rooms to bedrooms, this blue colour for wall adds a rare element of subdued freshness.  
5. Ink Blue

Ink Blue mirrors the colours of the sea. It is a perfect choice of blue wall paint, as it draws energy from the room and creates a pleasant warmth. It has a soothing quality, of course, which is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere in a room. The deep tint of this blue colour is enough to match a variety of colours, textures and fabrics. Ink Blue is a modern blue colour for wall that brings the desirable style along with elegance.

Which are the popular blue wall paint combinations?

1. Blue and White

A clean and clutter-free pair. The deep blue colour provides a bold statement while the white next to blue colour walls adds a crisp, airy feel to the room. Together they create a timeless look that works well with a variety of styles. This combination also provides a great canvas for adding bold accents to the room. Whether you choose a monochromatic look or mix in other hues, blue and white are a great base to build upon.

2. Blue and Pink

Blue and pastel pink is an ideal wall colour combination for creating a calming, dreamy atmosphere. The chosen blue shade creates a cool and calming effect, while the pastel pink adds a subtle hint of fun, creating a balanced and inviting space. This combination can be used in bedrooms, nurseries, and living spaces to create a gentle and soothing vibe.

3. Blue and Orange

The colour orange is associated with excitement, enthusiasm, and sunshine. When a shade of navy blue and orange are ideally balanced, they can serve to create positivity in life. Yet, to have a fun experience, combine a darker blue shade with orange. With this combo, you can explore your own creativity. Although, use this combination sparingly for rooms like bedroom, study room or prayer room.  

4. Blue and Grey

Blue and grey as a wall colour combination is a great choice for a contemporary look. Blue is usually associated with dependability, and stability while grey is often seen as a modern colour when paired with different shades of blue. For a more traditional feel, go for soft, muted shades such as a pale grey with a sky blue colour. For something a bit more modern, either opt for darker shades of blue or grey, picking up a lighter shade. 

5. Blue and Green

This combination in a room is as refreshing as a dew on grass on an early morning. The blue colour wall and green pairing is particularly popular for creating a coastal or beachy vibe. Where the blue colour on walls represents the ocean and the green symbolizes the lush vegetation of the shoreline. We’d recommend using different types of blue colour. Zero down on shades of light blue or turquoise-y hue as the primary colour and incorporate green accents through different elements.  

Which rooms should have blue walls?

Blue walls can be used in almost any room, depending on the desired effect. Also, not to forget that different types of blue colour blend well with woods and metallics. Here’s a sneak peek into a short guide about which rooms should have blue walls: 
Living Room: Yes, blue walls are a testimony to being the most beautiful backdrop for a living room. You could keep dark shades of blue for accents, trims, or false ceilings. 

Bedroom: Shades of light blue can create a tranquil and soothing atmosphere. 

Kitchen: Blue walls can be a great way to keep the room bright and airy. 

Bathroom: Blue colour wall are sure to look great in a bathroom. It gives you a spa-like feel.  

Study: It can help in creating a calming atmosphere that encourages focus and productivity.

What 3 colours go with blue?

Green, white, and yellow. Green shade is a complementary colour to blue, so they look great together. White is a neutral colour, so it's a great sidekick to blue, making it stand out. Yellow is another complementary colour, so it brings out the best of blue shade and creates an active look. All three colours work together to create a bright, cheerful atmosphere.

Is blue paint good for walls?

Blue wall paint is good for many reasons. Firstly, it can be used as both a neutral and a striking accent. Secondly, blue colour is a primary colour, which is dominating, hence it provides the walls with a bright, invigorating look. You could pick different types of blue colour – from brilliantly saturated tones or delicate pastels. 

What is the most relaxing shade of blue?

The most relaxing shade of blue is a light, airy blue, called Sea Breeze. It is exactly how one imagines a clear, sunny sky. Its calming hue provides a sense of peace and tranquillity, while its softness helps to soothe and relax. It’s cool, tranquil energy can help to reduce stress and create a veil of balance and harmony. When used in décor, this tranquil shade of blue can help to transform a space.

What is the most popular shade of blue?

The most popular shade of blue by Asian Paints is the vibrant 'Naval Club'. It is a bold, statement colour that can instantly transform any room in your home. With its deep and energetic hue, Naval Club closely resembles a shade of navy blue. This shade of blue also works well with both lighter and darker colour, making it a versatile choice for any interior design project. Whether you are looking for a bolder, more vibrant blue wall paint, Naval Club is the perfect choice.

Is blue a good colour for a house?

Yes, blue is a good colour for a house. It works well with different architectural styles and can create a range of moods, from serene and tranquil to bold and dramatic. Blue is also a popular choice for exteriors, as it can create a sense of stability and dependability, which is important for a home's curb appeal. One of the advantages of blue is that it comes in many different shades and tones, from pale sky blue to deep navy blue, so it can be used to create a wide range of looks. Another advantage of blue is that it can be paired with a range of other colours, such as white, grey, or even yellow, to create a cohesive colour scheme. 

Note: The Colour Shades displayed on this site are indicative and not precise representations of actual paint colours.