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The perfect paint job needs more than just the paints of your choice. Here is a wide range of ancillary products to help your walls look their best.  

trucare wood primer

Asian Paints TruCare Wood Primer is a unique formulation that assures strong adhesion and enhances the look and performance of paint on your wooden surfaces.


woodtech aquadur dent filler

Dents in the furniture at home can take away its charm. Use WoodTech Aquadur dent filler to get rid of them. Usable for both interior and exterior wooden fittings, it is easy to apply and also provides superior dent filling.


apcolite clear synthetic varnish

Asian Paints Apcolite Clear Synthetic Varnish is a high quality synthetic resin based varnish. It forms a hard and glossy film which is extremely durable and retains its sheen for a long time.


woodtech termishield

Woodtech Termishield is a herbal formula that provides the ultimate protection against termites and borers. Termishield is a penetrating liquid that is suitable for all types of wood and can be used under all types of topcoats meant for wood. An easy to apply product, it can be applied by spraying, brushing or immersing the product in a liquid.

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