Apcolite Emulsions is a dependable range that you can use to give your walls a long lasting matte, satin like or lustrous finish. These versatile emulsions can be used on walls under all conditions.

apcolite advanced emulsion

Walls have a way of finding some stain. No matter how careful we are, there is no way to avoid our beautiful walls from getting dirty. But gone are the days of living in the fear of kids making the house a playground or guests spoiling the walls. Live carefree with Apcolite Advanced emulsions with Advanced stain guard, which makes cleaning the walls a cake walk and is the perfect choice for the High traffic areas of the house as well. So with Apcolite Advance emulsion on your walls #Daagsekyadarna!


apcolite premium satin emulsion

Apcolite Premium Satin Emulsion offers a rich satin finish that is bound to give your walls a grand look. It is easily washable and offers excellent stain resistance.


apcolite premium emulsion

The super-acrylic quality of Apcolite Premium Emulsion gives your walls a rich matte finish that radiates pure elegance and also keeps it protected from stains with its Stain Guard technology.


interior finish lustre

Give your walls a tough and durable finish with Asian Paints Interior Wall Finish - Lustre. When applied with a roller, the paint leaves a characteristic lustrous pattern that you're sure to love.


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