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  • Q1 If I have to colour the wood without affecting the wood pattern what should I use?

    To impart colour to any hardwood or veneer [where grain patterns are visible], Asian Paints Woodtech Wood Stains should be used. For interiors use Woodtech Wood Stains Interior and for exteriors, go for Woodtech Wood Stains Exterior. After applying the wood stains, it is mandatory to apply protective clear wood finishes over it.

  • Q2 What is the best product to use on the exterior wooden surfaces?

    A wooden surface in the exteriors is exposed to harsh climatic conditions such as temperature variations, rainfall and UV rays. Hence, only the wood coatings exclusively designed for exteriors-Woodtech PU Exterior, Woodtech Emporio PU Clear and WoodTech Aquadur PU Exterior should be used.

  • Q3 Can you recommend a product which is easy to apply as well as safe for kids and elderly people?

    Most of the wood coatings are solvent based which means they have high VOC [volatile organic compound] that can lead to respiratory problems. Woodtech Aquadur PU is a water-based PU which has low VOC and is recommended for houses with kids or elderly people. It is easy to use and can be applied by means of both spray and brush & roll. Moreover, it is also Child Safe certified [EN71.3].

  • Q4 Which product gives the maximum gloss on wooden furniture?

    WoodTech Polyester imparts a glass-like finish on wooden furniture with a thick build on the surface. It is recommended for flat surfaces. In case the wooden surface has carvings, use Woodtech Emporio PU for better results. Both these products offer high gloss and high gloss retention.

  • Q5 Which product can be used for wooden floors?

    For interior hardwood flooring, Woodtech Aquadur 2K Parquet should be used. It is designed specifically for wooden surfaces to provide high abrasion resistance and anti-skid properties. For exterior wood flooring, Woodtech Decking Oil should be used which has UV protectors and anti-algal properties.

  • Q6 Is there any product which gives a look that no coating is applied to the wooden surface?

    Yes, we have Woodtech Emporio PU Anti –Scratch for a natural grain finish. It comes with 5% gloss which gives a feel that no coating has been applied to the surface while protecting the same from scratch and stains.  

  • Q1 After application of wood finish on the hardwood, yellow patches have appeared in 1 week.

    Some of the hardwoods have a tendency of leaching oil & moisture. This oil reacts with the wood coating & results in yellow patches. To take care of such issues, Woodtech Epoxy Insulator should be applied as the 1st coat before the application of any wood finishes.

  • Q2 The wood coating on the furniture is giving a wavy appearance.

    The wavy appearance of the wood coating is called Orange Peel effect. This happens due to error in the application process when the wood coating material is not used with the recommended thinner or when the quantity of thinner mixed is incorrect. This can be rectified by sanding the coated surface with sanding paper no. 320 and recoating it as per the recommended process.

  • Q3 There are a lot of dust particles entrapped in the wood coating on the surface

    Whenever wood polishing is done in an open space with a lot of dust, it sticks to the wood coating film and stays there. Sand the surface with sanding paper no. 320 and re-coat the surface as per the recommended process.  

  • Q1 What is Maturation Time and why is it important?

    Maturation time is required for all 2 pack products (i.e. base and hardener). When the base and hardener are mixed together, the mixture should be kept undisturbed for 20-30 min. This period is known as Maturation time. It helps in instating initial chemical reaction and help to form a stronger film after drying.


  • Q2 Why is sanding required after every coat and before application of subsequent coat?

    Sanding is the process of rubbing the wooden surface with sandpaper along the grain pattern. After coating, there are some dust particles that settle on the wet film which may be visible in the final coat. This also affects the adhesion of subsequent coats. Sanding is done to remove all such impurities from the coating after the application.

  • Q3 Is Application with spray gun mandatory for Wood Finishes?

    Most of the wood coatings can be applied by Spray only as it provides a much superior finish. However, the products - Woodtech Touchwood, Woodtech Melamyne Clear and Woodtech Aquadur PU range can be applied by brush & roller as well.


  • Q1 What is VOC?

    VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. Every coating has some amount of volatile material present in it, which gets released in the surrounding during the drying process. The strong smell of wood coatings is due to the high VOC levels of the coating. Long exposures to these compounds are harmful to health.

  • Q2 What is the correct way of using wood coatings?

    During the wood coating process, the following points should always be taken care of:

    a. The applicator should wear a protective mask and eyeglasses.

    b. Spray gun should be cleaned properly [with thinners in case of solvent-based products or water in case of water-based products] and there should be no presence of moisture in air compressor.

    c. Ideally, the area of application should be closed so that there is minimal exposure to dust particles.

    d. Application should be done as per the mentioned process, giving sufficient time for coats to dry.

  • Q3 What is ragging process and which product can be applied with ragging?

    Ragging is a process of depositing the wood coating material on wooden surface with the help of a cotton cloth. It is always done in the direction of the grain pattern. Woodtech Wood Satins Interior, Woodtech Wood Satins Exterior, Woodtech Genie Polish and Woodtech Epoxy Insulator can be applied by ragging.

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