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Does your Home Need Waterproofing


Waterproofing is one of the most essential requirements for a housing structure. A systematic approach to prevent water seepage along the roofs and the walls of a house, waterproofing also prevents the property from getting damaged due to any kind of water leakage, excessive rainfall, harmful UV rays of the sun, strong winds, and other harsh weather conditions. 

Waterproofing In Monsoon Rains - Asian Paints
Waterproofing acts as a protective shield against harsh summer sun and increasing monsoon rains.


Waterproofing increases the lifespan of your home/building by preventing water and moisture from seeping in and damaging the ceiling, walls, or flooring. Even structural damages such as rust, rotting, and corrosion can be avoided with waterproofing.

Waterproofing helps increase the value of your property.

It also plays a vital role in preventing various health problems such as mould allergy that occur due to excessive dampness and moisture along the roofs and walls of the house.

Homeowners who waterproof their homes also experience a significant reduction in other add-on maintenance costs that arise due to water seepage.

Waterproofing creates a clean, healthy, and positive living space and preserves the aesthetic value of your homes.


Overtime, due to constant water seepage, both the internal and external surfaces and facades fade away and look unappealing. Moreover, problems such as weakened structure, rusting and rotting of reinforcement bars, black spots on walls, and flaky paint, also show up.

Is your home too under attack of seepage and dampness? Look for the following visible and hidden signs suggesting the urgency of waterproofing your home.

Rains, heat and constant direct exposure Waterproofing Solutions - Asian Paints


Bleached or eroded roofs: The roof tends to erode and/or get bleached due to constant exposure to harmful UV sun rays in summers and excessive rains during monsoons. Certainly, these natural damages lend an unattractive look to the roof both inside and out. Besides, they also affect the property’s aesthetics, leaving it to appear weakened and old. Rains, heat and constant direct exposure erode roofs.

Cracks and gaps along kitchen walls: Persistent use of water for kitchen-related activities result in water accumulation, especially in the kitchen sink area, leading to the development of cracks and gaps along the walls and other adjoining areas. 

Cracks And Gaps Along Kitchen Walls Waterproofing Solutions - Asian Paints
Since a lot of water related activities happen in the kitchen, walls are susceptible to get damp.
Constant Seepage Of Water In The Walls Waterproofing Solutions - Asian Paints
Constant seepage of water in the walls and floor of bathrooms is bound to create water leakage issues .

Chipped bathroom areas: Another water-prone area, the bathroom is always exposed to water usage. Water which is not able to move out through the drainage, gets accumulated in tricky spots, thereby chipping away the surface from the outer side, and weakening it from within.


Broken pipelines and faulty drainage - Hidden signs of water seepage due to broken pipelines, faulty drainage system, and tank leakage, often go unnoticed as homeowners are not able to figure them out until considerable damage has already taken place.

While leaking tanks trigger evident roof damage, broken pipelines and faulty drainage systems are responsible for ruining both interiors and exteriors. Due to these reasons, the building not only appears dull and spotted but also gets weakened inside out.

Rainwater - The extended effect of heavy rainfall during monsoons in India results in unintended water seepage into homes, especially affecting the structure from within. The continuous water seepage through cracks and gaps takes away the aesthetic value of both - the roofs and the interiors.  

Hence, as a precautionary measure against such hidden uncertainties, it is better to waterproof your home and safeguard your property against all kinds of water damage in the long run.

If you see any dampness or wet patch on the wall, it is best to assess water-related damage and not simply paint over it. Waterproofing with the right products is the only way to permanently solve these issues.



The SmartCare range by Asian Paints is a comprehensive solution for your home waterproofing needs. 

All products are specially designed for you to create a ‘Waterproof Envelope’ that covers your home with 360-degree protection from water damage. And, with up to 10 years of guarantee, your homes are in safe hands for a long time! 

Call us to schedule an appointment with us right away and get the most suitable waterproofing quote for your home.

SmartCare Waterproofing Products - Asian Paints
Smart Waterproofing Solutions for Smart Homeowners.

Terrace - Damp Proof and Damp Proof Ultra are well-known products in the market with a proven track record of waterproofing terraces to prevent leakage and seepage.

Exteriors - Damp Sheath Exterior enables the exteriors of your home to face the impact of nature head-on, a feature that is needed more than ever due to the unpredictable Indian monsoons.

Interiors - Damp Sheath Interior and Damp Block 2K are dedicated to enhancing the look of your internal walls. These products help fight off moisture and efflorescence (namak).


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